{ Our 2012 Family Goals }

For our first Family Home Evening of the year we talked about goals and set some goals as a family. We did our four normal categories: Spiritual, Physical, Educational, and Emotional, but decided to just set our goals for January not the whole year. Many times we set the goals for the whole year, and forget about them after the first month anyways. We hope that this will keep us more motivated and able to achieve our goals. In Sacrament meeting yesterday President Eiland from our stake presidency talked a bit about goals and stressed the importance of setting goals that were achievable. We felt like it would be nice to set shorter goals and reevaluate every month.

Each person got four half sheets of paper with their name on it to write each of their goals, then we taped them up in our family room under each of the four headings. I love that they are posted in a place that we will see them each day and be able to remember each others so we can encourage one another throughout the month.


Aaron-Read January Ensign and Priesthood lesson

Monae-Write at least something in my journal each day-blogging counts!

Brianna-Keep up with my scripture chart and read my scriptures each day  in the morning

Austin-I will read my scriptures before I go to school

Brooke-My goal for Spiritual  is to read my scriptures every morning

Erika-I will read my scriptures every day

Abby-Say my prayers before I go downstairs and when it’s the night, right now, read picture book of scriptures.


Aaron-Cardiovascular-run,basketball, soccer for at least 1/2 hour 3x/week, Flexibility-stretch 3x/week, Nutrition-1 veggie/day, Strength-core strength 3x/week

Monae-Walk 3 miles at least 3 times a week, do my sit ups and pushups, and leg exercises.

Brianna-My physical goal is to go outside and play for at least 1 hr each day

Austin-In 30 days I will improve my push ups, sit ups, standing long jump, and 1/4 mile walk run

Brooke-My goal for physical is to eat my vegetables each night at dinner without complaining

Erika-I will do stretching exercises every morning at 6:20am

Abby-Carrots are yummy. Carrots are good with ranch dressing. I will eat carrots for a snack


Aaron-Complete 4 Audio Digests and the oldest 2 allowed AAFP magazines for CME. Attend 4 resident morning reports

Monae-Read at least 1 book

Brianna-My educational goal is to study for my classes. Study every night even if I don’t have a test coming up

Austin-For 30 days I will keep all A’s and study for my Math tests

Brooke-My goal for educational is that I will read more books in school

Erika-I will do my math flash cards every day. (10 minutes 4:00pm)

Abby Pass off word list 1


Aaron-Communicate better with my kids and wife

Monae-My goal for January is to say one sincere compliment to each of my kids daily

Brianna-My emotional goal is to keep my temper and not F-R-E-A-K!! out but to work out my differences

Austin-I will write in my journal how I felt that week-which was changed to I will not tease my brothers and sisters

Brooke-My goal for emotional is not to moan at my mom or roll my eyes

Erika-I will not cry when I’m tired and I will just say in words I’m tired.

Abby-I will not be grumpy in the morning

I love that each person tried really hard to think of things that were important to them. Aaron and I wanted them to be sure to pick things that were things they saw as goals, not things that WE saw as goals for them. It was great that they could be honest with themselves and us about what they wanted to improve on. Erika was really diligent in writing down specific times that she was going to do her things-she really wanted to make sure her stuff was planned out good. It should be a great month for goals.