{ Seven For Sunday }

I have had a few random thoughts floating around in my head the last few weeks that I keep promising myself I will sit down and write down so I don’t forget.

1. Scott recently doesn’t enjoy his Sunbeam class at church. I’m not exactly sure why, but if his teacher isn’t there he throws a big fit and won’t go. Two weeks ago I had to leave him in Primary crying so I could go teach the Gospel Doctrine class. It wasn’t fun having to leave a crying 3 year old. It made my heart hurt a little. He was more upset about the fact that his teacher had switched classes and wasn’t his teacher anymore. He still sat on her lap all of Primary. She told me it almost made her cry. It almost made me cry too. Those kids sure love their Primary teachers. With good reason-they are amazing. We have talked all week about him going to his class-last week we couldn’t convince him to go-losing Sunday night treats wasn’t a big enough incentive. He accompanied Aaron to his classes instead. This week we were sitting in church and I was reminding him of going to his class, and how fun his new teacher is-she is so great! He informed me that he wasn’t going, and then turned around in the pew to look at her in the back of the chapel. After a few minutes of pondering he turns to me and says, “Mom, I will be sad, when I look at her face I just cry.” I know if wasn’t personal-he’s a real momma’s boy for sure. A couple minutes after that he looked at me again and said, “When I see her I just cry up to heaven!”

2. Ryan got caught kissing a girl in Nursery. The nursery leader and I decided he may need to go talk to the bishop about that.=)

3. Erika and Abby like to take down Austin’s guitar from his closet and play it and sing. The other night we were outside playing in the driveway while Abby and Erika were taking turns serenading us.

Abby playing the guitar-1

I noticed later that Abby had a note pinned to her shirt. I found it on the counter and it said, “Erika, you are doing good from playing the guitar.” It was pretty sweet though I was a little confused while she was wearing it and not Erika? Love that toothless grin still.

4. Even though Ryan is almost two, he doesn’t say much. His slightly advanced cave man talk seems to be serving him well enough. Last week we were in the kitchen and he was pointing to something on the island counter, grunting his cave man language to me. I was asking about everything on the counter..”cereal? ice? water? your bottle?” I looked at Austin who was near by and shrugged. I tried a few more things to which Ryan looked at me with a rather frustrated look and yelled out “NO”. Austin and I cracked up. At least we know he can talk when he wants to.

5. Last week during my Relief Society lesson, I was sharing a less than stellar moment of mine that I had had that week. Short version-it involved me and only one juice box for 5 kids lunches, I picked the wrong person to give it too, there was an uproar, there was mom yelling (not impressed with myself for that), there was sadness (from all of us), there was humbleness on my part, there was apologizing and a FHE lesson that night on not having contention in the home. Anyways…I took some pictures for a friend and she brought me dinner. She also brought me a box of juice boxes for a “backup” so I wouldn’t find myself in that predicament again. It made me smile inside, and be so grateful for good friends.

6. Brianna is taking Ballroom dancing classes with a club at school. She loves to come home and show us all her moves. Tonight Austin put on these really tall wedge shoes of mine so he could be as tall as Brianna when he danced with her. We are laughed, and it made me so grateful  for this family of mine. We have some crazy good fun around this place.

7. Ryan likes to go potty a lot lately, though I am not ready to officially admit to potty training him yet. He has this ritual he does every time. He does the potty dance and gives me his cave man talk for potty. We run in, he moves the little step stool for me to sit on while he goes, he does his over exaggerated grunting face, we laugh, I pull on his little toes and pop them while we wait. Silly I know, but we do it every time. Then when he’s done, wait for him to take FOREVER to flush the potty on his own. I am pretty sure he knows how much it drives me crazy to wait 5 minutes to flush. He looks at me out of the corner of his eye, and grins that mischievous grin. Then he tries to escape the bathroom without a diaper on and find someone to stand in front of to get a reaction. He jumps in front of them and does this little jazz hands thing until they laugh or scream. Never a dull moment.

Okay I lied. It’s 8 not seven, but eight for Sunday didn’t sound quite as nice as seven for Sunday.

8. Brooke has been having a lot of fun with her friends from Activity Days. Last week I was taking her to a friend’s house that they were all meeting at, and she was casually just asking me, “I know this might sound like a random question (She always likes to prefix things like this) but is so-and-so friend moving anytime soon?” No. “What about ..”. It made me a little sad that she has been used to having friends and then them moving away. It’s tough to be the one left behind sometimes. I was happy to report to her that neither were leaving anytime soon. I could see her smiling big in the back seat from my rearview mirror. I like to see her smile-it means a lot coming from her.