{ Happy Halloween }

Ryan with Halloween shirt blog

We are totally in love with this little pumpkin!

Brianna holding ryan blog

Ryan looking out window blog 

Have a great Halloween!


{ Happy Feet And The Soccer Player }

Some years I love having a theme for Halloween. We have done The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and her prince, Sleeping Beauty with fairies, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, the 50’s Gang, and a few others. Some years I am just too lazy tired to come up with something that looks all coordinated and cute. This year the girls had their costumes all planned out, but I couldn’t seem to convince my two boy halves to anything witchy, so we decided that it may just be a not so coordinated year for us.

Lately Scott had acquired this cute little foot dance. It is so funny! He would do it as he skipped/danced his way down the hallway or any time he was happy about something. We nicknamed his little dance his “happy feet” dance. That of course lent itself quite nicely to a penguin Halloween costume. He looked so cute doing his little dance all dressed up.

Scott face blog

Scott feet blog

His happy little feet

Scott happy feet blog

By the time I got done taking pictures of the girls, Scott had stripped off the top half of his costume and was running around the yard topless (what the neighbors must think of us sometimes). I had to bribe him with promises of lots of candy to come so he would put his costume back on for a few pictures. Our little happy feet was not so happy with my request, but like a good little penguin shuffled over and plopped himself down on the steps until I could snap a few. Needless to say, he got more than his fair share of candy from the trunk or treat at the church and then trick or treating afterwards. He was definitely doing the happy dance then!

Austin loves Halloween for all the candy, not so much for the costume. We considered many options. His ideas involved a pedestrian (no costume needed), or my suggestion (half kidding) was a t-shirt that said, “I’m with the furry guy” and then he would have to be in charge of Scott all night. Neither idea seemed to pan out, and the least painful costume we could come up with was our good ol’ standby soccer “costume”. By day it’s a uniform, by night it’s a costume. We’re geniuses we know.

Costume of not, this is one cute boy I would totally give candy to. Those dimples are just too cute to pass up.

Austin soccer halloween blog

{ We’ve Been “Bewitched” }

One of our new favorite “movies” to watch from Netflix is the 1960’s television series Bewitched.  The kids think it’s so funny, and I love that it’s a clean show they can watch. About a month ago, the girls decided that they wanted to be witches for Halloween. We are not into the gory, scary, side of Halloween, so I kind of put them off, hoping I could change their minds. Day after day they made plans of fabulous costumes, all which involved being witches. One day after shopping at Target, I came across these cute socks, and decided to give into all the witch madness around our house. We decided we would make our witches, the nicest, cutest witches around.

Witches feet blog

Four witches blog

My oldest witch, Brianna, made these cute flowers to put on top of some of the girls hats. They turned out so good. We whipped up some capes to match the socks, found some perfectly crooked sticks in the back yard to use for our sparkly brooms, painted each girls nails to match their capes, and viola- four cute witches ready for the big night.

brianna witch face blog

brianna witch blog

Brianna witch 2 blog

brianna feet blog

      A couple weeks before Halloween, the kids were trying to find a nice quiet activity to do during Sunday nap time so I could rest. Brianna decided the girls needed some witch lessons before the big day, so the Starbuck Witch Academy was set up. At the end of nap time they each had their own report card in hand, certifiably showing they were fit to be witches. I love the cute names they came up with, and the fun grading scale. Let the witching begin!

Brooke Crookednose
Costume  F  100
Behavior  C  89
Mean  F  100
Laugh  C  81
Spells  F  100
Hair  F  100
Warts  A  no sign of Warts
Broom  F  100
Talk  F  100
Scaring people  C  87
Witch names  F  100

F is 90-100
C is 89-80
B is 79-70
A is 69 and below

brooke witch face blog

 brooke witch blog

 brooke witch feet blog

Erika Witherbottom
Costume  F  100
Behavior  C  87
Mean  C  88
Laugh  C  80
Spells  F  100
Hair  F  100
Warts  A  no sign of Warts
Broom  F  100
Talk  F  100
Scaring people  C  82
Witch names  F  100

F is 90-100
C is 89-80
B is 79-70
A is 69 and below

erika witch blog

erika feet blog

erika witch face 2 blog

erika witch face blog

Abby Wartskin
Costume  F  100
Behavior  F 100
Mean  C  89
Laugh  C  80
Spells  F  100
Hair  F  100
Warts  A  no sign of Warts
Broom  F  100
Talk  F  100
Scaring people  C  82
Witch names  F  100

F is 90-100
C is 89-80
B is 79-70
A is 69 and below

Abby witch 3 blog

Abby feet blog Abby witch 2 blog Abby witch face blog Abby witch blog

I know I am totally biased, but I think these are the cutest witches I have ever seen!


{ Erika Turns 6 }

Erika 6 year black and white blog

Six years ago today, we were welcoming another sweet baby into our home. It’s hard to believe it has been that long already. Erika is such a beautiful little girl, who is growing up too fast for her mommy. Erika was so excited to have Ryan have a birthday so close to hers, she was hoping he would be born on her birthday. Here are some things about our special little girl:

  • She is in kindergarten and loves going to school.
  • She still loves milk, but has stopped using a sippy cup! Yeah, Erika!
  • She loves to ride her new bike, roller blades, play on the trampoline, and swing.
  • She is starting to read. She got a birthday book with 6 easy to read stories in it and has been working hard to read them.
  • She loves to practice her word lists from school.
  • She is such a morning person. She wakes up happy and full of life, even at 6:30am!
  • She likes to write stories with Brooke.
  • She is not much of a breakfast eater, but loves to eat dinner. Some of her favorite foods are pasta (still), dumplings, fish, chicken tenders, waffles, and strawberries.
  • She has lost two bottom teeth.
  • She loves to give us hugs and kisses and tell us she loves us at just the right time.

Happy Birthday! We love you Erika!

{ Hospital Visitors }

Just hours after Ryan was born, the rest of the family got to come down to the hospital and meet their new little brother for the first time. They diplomatically decided who would get to hold him first-youngest to oldest, and they each waited SO patiently for their turn. Ryan had slept most of the day since his birth, but when they came in the room, he became so alert and awake. He opened his eyes and looked at each person as they held him. It was like he was becoming reacquainted with each person again. It was very sweet to see.

Scott was so excited. He walked into the room and kind of wandered around for awhile. When we asked him where the baby was, he became a man on a mission. He looked all over and when he spotted him in the baby bassinet, there was no holding him back.

Scott spotting Ryan blog

Scott reaching for Ryan blog  Scott kissing Ryan blog

Scott holding Ryan 1 blog

Scott holding Ryan 2 blog

I just love, love, love this picture. It pretty much sums up the sweet feelings that we all felt in that room. Older siblings, gently guiding their younger ones in becoming a new big brother and sisters, others anxiously watching and waiting for their turn, and just so much love!!

Abby was the next to get to hold Ryan. She took her new role as big sister very seriously. She intensely looked over him, making sure he was absolutely perfect and reassured him that we had fun toys at home for him to play with.

Abby holding ryan blog

Abby holding ryan 2 blog Erika was so anxiously to hold him, but also a little bit nervous. She was afraid she was holding him wrong and didn’t want to drop him. You did a great job Erika, I can tell you’re almost six!

Erika holding ryan blog After being the big sister to three younger siblings, Brooke knew how to hold Ryan perfectly. She was very concerned about when they would take off his electronic monitor on his ankle, and the clip on his umbilical cord. She would ask again and again, just so she knew exactly he going home procedure.

Brooke holding ryan blog

I don’t think big brothers come any better than this! It has been so cute to watch Austin goo and gaa over his new little brother. He loved that Ryan immediately held onto his finger.

Austin blog

Austin holding ryan blog

Brianna waited the longest to hold Ryan, but he took to her right away. He opened his eyes wide and just kept looking at her so intensely. I am sure those bonds from before this life are strong and his long deep looks only confirm that.

Brianna holding ryan blogjpg

ryan with mom and dad blog


{ My New Body }

Ryan black and white blog

I have been patiently waiting for thousands of years for this day, and now it’s come. I have a body! I love my new little body. I have the cutest little nose and mouth…

ryan feet 2 blog Ten little toes that wiggle and move…

ryan black and white nails blog

Ten little fingers complete with really long nails…(mommy cut those really quick so I wouldn’t scratch my face. That mommy, I tell ya, she’s one smart gal)

Scott hair blogBlack, curly hair, just like my daddy…

ryan yawning blogA little mouth that yawns when I am tired…

ryan sucking finger blogAnd fingers to suck on when I am bored…

ryan looking blogEyes to see all the fun that people are having around me…And a sweet little mouth that others love to kiss…

ryan feet blogBrand new baby skin…

Ryan arm band blog     I even have my own little bracelet with my name on it-Ryan Thomas Starbuck. Ryan because Daddy and Mommy like that name, and Thomas after my Great Grandpa Frye.

austin holding ryan black and white blog

But the best part, is that this little body has a FAMILY. They hold me, and love me, and say how cute I am over and over again.

I think I am going to like this life. 

{ Baby Ryan’s Birth Timeline }

Friday October 22, 2010

10:00am Dr. Appointment. 1 cm dilated 50% effaced. No weight gain for the third week in a row. Doctor striped membranes. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! So glad Aaron was with me at this appointment.
10:30am Run to Target to get one last present for Erika’s birthday on Sunday. Go to Fresh Market for one last cheesecake treat. Start having a few contractions. In pain!
11:30am Pick up Abby and Scott from Murphy’s house.
12:00pm Take a nap. Still in pain.
2:30pm Pick up kids from school. Wishing I would have left well enough alone and just been induced on Tuesday without feeling contractions. Okay, who’s to say I wouldn’t have gone into labor anyways, but at the time I was really rethinking this membrane stripping thing.
5:00pm Have dinner while Aaron runs to do a bishop errand.
7:00pm Go to see movie as a family.
7:00-9:00pm Having contractions all throughout the movie. Cuddle with Scott during the movie.
10:30pm Go to bed hoping contractions will just go away. This is the start of one of the patterns of big time denial I have when going into labor. I just kind of think if I ignore it, it will go away. I know, weird thinking when what I really want is for the baby to be here, but I start to feel pain and just change my mind about everything. You’d think after 7 times I would learn. Nope, still don’t like labor.
10:30pm-5:00am Have contractions every 10-12 minutes all throughout the night. Getting much more painful. I don’t want to disturb Aaron sleeping so I try to hold out until 5am. Sleep on and off all night.

Saturday October 23, 2010 (My due date)

5:00am-7:00am Walk around the house. Contractions 4-5minutes apart.
7:00am-Aaron wakes up. I assure him that it may nothing as I am finally packing my hospital bag. (Can you see the denial here?) He laughs and gets up excited to get his little boy here. I just walk around not really wanting to go to the hospital. I am so afraid of being sent home, so I don’t like to go until I know for sure I am in labor. Being sent home when your having baby #7 would be a little embarrassing. Eat some yogurt for breakfast. Try to waste time (denial, denial, denial)
7:30am Aaron calls the Stake Young Women’s President to let her know he won’t be speaking at the Auxiliary training that morning. Call sitter for the kids-can’t get a hold of her. Everyone else who volunteered is going to the Auxiliary training. We wake up Brianna to watch the kids until the sitter can come later. She almost squeezes us to death she is so excited.
8:00am Check in at the hospital. Contractions getting painful but spread out more. They check me in and I want to go home. Not really, but I just know the pain that is coming. Despite the fact that I have had one of my kids natural with no epidural, I really am just a big chicken when it comes to pain.
8:30am 3cm dilated 50-60% effaced. Glad I had made progress since yesterday. Midwife assures me that since it’s my due date, we are having a baby today! The midwife I saw through most of my pregnancy is so nice. She totally knew I was having an epidural, but the rest of my pregnancy was great so it was easy to just see her. Since I would be having a VBAC another doctor (beside Aaron) had to be there in case of complications.
9:00am Continue to monitor me. Fewer contractions, but some stronger. Midwife says, lets get and epidural and then some Pitocin and have a baby. I love the epidural part first idea and agree.
10:00am Nurse informs me they are going to get some Pitocin going to get the contractions back stronger and then give me the epidural. What?! Aaron kindly informs them I will be having the epidural first. The nurse kind of looks at me like-okay whatever. Lady, by kid#7, a little Pitocin is going have this kid out of here in no time-just humor me and let me be in a little comfort.
10:20am Epidural in and working quite well. Anesthesiologist laughs as he comes in, “You guys alone keep me in business”. So funny. He was the same one who gave me Abby’s epidural too. Nice guy. Midwife checks me-4cm. Water has broken at some point-I’m not sure when. Meconium in fluid. I am glad we are here today, I really just want him here healthy.
10:40am Start Pitocin. I rest a little bit. I am thinking this is a really good epidural. I sometimes have ones that don’t take as well or I get the shakes and throw up really bad. I can feel a bit when I have a contraction, but not pain. Enjoying life for a while.
11:20am They up the Pitocin. I am starting to feel the contractions a bit on my right side. Darn that right side. It’s always the side that doesn’t take well. Aaron runs to the cafeteria for something to eat while I rest.
11:30am Ask the nurses if I can roll over to see if that helps even out the epidural. Much more uncomfortable. I try sitting up and that is even worse.
12:00pm In a LOT of pain. Aaron is so good to hold my hand and help me. All the nurses think he’s such a great husband and they are totally right! Throwing up and feel like passing out. Having to breath big time through contractions. The denial thing is pretty much obsolete at this point. I am fully aware that this is happening and really want it just to be over. No “woman power” here, just get this kid out! Aaron suggests multiple times to the nurse to go get the midwife to check me, he is pretty sure I am going through transition and am ready to have a baby. The nurse doesn’t go until I suggest it as well. Midwife checks. Sure enough. Complete and ready for baby.
12:28pm Beautiful baby Ryan enters the world.

ryan pic 2 blog
ryan pic1 blog
mom and ryan 1 blog
mom and ryan 2 blog

He fully surprised us all in how big he was. He is the biggest Starbuck to date, beating out Brooke who was 8lbs. 8oz. He was also the longest at 21inches. He has black curly hair when it’s wet and straight when it’s dry, green eyes, and the cutest little chubby cheeks! We are smitten of course and so glad he is here.