{ I’ve Missed You Feet… }

maternity belly blog

We are nearing an end here and are so excited! I finally got around to taking some self portraits of this pregnant belly. I know someday I will look back and be a little sad and miss this ever growing tummy, but for now, I am very ready to get to hold this cute little boy in my arms instead.

seven days blog

Just one more..maternity looking down blog and in black and white for good measure.

maternity looking down black and white blog

Hopefully the next picture you see of me here will be holding a sweet little boy.


Lisa said...

Oh, I'm so happy you posted these. I love the last one (in color). Great angle. You were hardly even showing when I left!! I'm sure you are so ready!! Good luck my friend!! Can't wait to chat.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Self-portraits? You are amazing! Those are some awesome shots...I'd be very curious what your set up was :) Loved this post!