{ To Do List }

I am a “To do “ list girl. Not all the time, and really more times than not it’s a mental list than one actually written down, but it’s a list non the less. With the approach of every baby, my to do list gets a little longer and more intense-call it nesting, call it anxiety, call it whatever, but I always want to feel prepared when this brand new little life finally makes it’s appearance.

I busily work on my list thinking, “Maybe tomorrow he will come-I’ll for sure be ready”. Then tomorrow comes and he still isn’t here and I am silently grateful for one more day to accomplish more things on my list. It’s one of those little tender mercies from the Lord, and I so thankful for it. With this baby, I have been ready to not be pregnant, but really haven’t been that anxious-I know by the 7th that I am a “due dater” so I don’t even get my hopes up for en early baby. Maybe I am just secretly scared at how hard this is going to be with 7 kids-that reality I don’t think has sunk in just yet. Anyways, here is my to do list that I have been working on the last few weeks. It makes me feel peaceful to know that much of it has been marked off, and now when little baby#7 arrives I can completely relax! I can’t wait!

  • Big grocery shopping  DONE
  • Find, order, and receive baby blessing outfit DONE
  • Set up people to watch kids when baby comes DONE
  • Buy outfit for baby to come home from the hospital in DONE
  • Wash all baby clothes from the bin DONE
  • Wash bouncy seat cover DONE
  • Wash cover for baby car seat DONE
  • Pay off Aaron’s car (yea!) DONE
  • Pay all other bills DONE
  • Get oil changed in the van DONE
  • Find babysitter for last OB appointment DONE
  • Get house cleaned DONE
  • Wash slipcovers for rocking chair in Scott’s room DONE
  • Decorate the house for fall (fun pictures to come)  DONE
  • Sew the girls witch costumes DONE
  • Find on Ebay costume for Scott DONE
  • Rotate kids fall and summer clothes from the bins DONE
  • Buy fabric to take newborn pictures of baby for Halloween DONE
  • Take maternity pictures DONE
  • Catch up on blogging DONE
  • Plan out baby announcements (I can’t wait to share! I love this idea, I hope baby cooperates for the pictures) DONE
  • Plan and do last Activity Days activity before I have baby DONE
  • Buy Erika’s birthday gifts for her birthday on the 24th DONE
  • Buy cute plates and napkins for Erika’s birthday DONE
  • Buy cake/frosting for her cake DONE
  • Wrap her presents
  • Get baby gift for brother’s new baby DONE
  • Mail baby gift
  • Clean carpet in front room
  • Get baby gift for kids from the baby DONE
  • Wrap that gift
  • Have Aaron help me get Port a crib/bassinet down from the attic
  • Pack bag for the hospital


Dre + Drew - Midwest Living - Iowa City said...

Oh Monae I am so glad you updated your blog. I ck daily on yours and Lisa's blog to see updates! I loved reading through them all! I miss you and Lisa! I loved all the wonderful creative ideas. The Then and Now below was super fun to read through and your General Conference Ideas were fantastic! What wonderful memories you are creating for your family . . . and your new kitchen looks so good!!! P.S. Drew is getting me the Nikon d90!!! Whatever happened to your camera did you find it? I am super excited to learn how to use it . . . you and Lisa have inspired me!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness girl. You forgot 'call Lisa' on your list!! Miss you.