{ Erika Turns 6 }

Erika 6 year black and white blog

Six years ago today, we were welcoming another sweet baby into our home. It’s hard to believe it has been that long already. Erika is such a beautiful little girl, who is growing up too fast for her mommy. Erika was so excited to have Ryan have a birthday so close to hers, she was hoping he would be born on her birthday. Here are some things about our special little girl:

  • She is in kindergarten and loves going to school.
  • She still loves milk, but has stopped using a sippy cup! Yeah, Erika!
  • She loves to ride her new bike, roller blades, play on the trampoline, and swing.
  • She is starting to read. She got a birthday book with 6 easy to read stories in it and has been working hard to read them.
  • She loves to practice her word lists from school.
  • She is such a morning person. She wakes up happy and full of life, even at 6:30am!
  • She likes to write stories with Brooke.
  • She is not much of a breakfast eater, but loves to eat dinner. Some of her favorite foods are pasta (still), dumplings, fish, chicken tenders, waffles, and strawberries.
  • She has lost two bottom teeth.
  • She loves to give us hugs and kisses and tell us she loves us at just the right time.

Happy Birthday! We love you Erika!


Lisa said...

Megan sends her Happy Birthday wishes!!! --Megan said today that she wants to go back to georgia so she can go see the Starbucks baby! We miss you all.

Dre + Drew - Midwest Living - Iowa City said...

Happy Birthday Erika! Those photos of all the kids holding their baby brother are so neat!!! Okay so we need to plan on going to Germany the same time to reunite with the Johnsons! We miss you. So when are you guys planning on visiting?