{ Differences and Similarities Between My First Baby and Baby #7 }

It has been fun as I have gone through this pregnancy to think about how different this pregnancy is compared to when I was pregnant with my very first baby over 12 years ago. It’s amazing how life and times have changed since then. Here are some of the fun differences and a few similarities from then and now:



1. I was having a girl. 1. We are having a boy.
2. I was due in the summer. 2. I am due in the fall.
3. I was a student at BYU. 3. I help four other students at home to get to school.
4. I worked at the BYU Laundry Services. 4. I am the “laundry service” around here.
5. Aaron was going to school and dreamed of being a doctor. 5. Now he is our dream doctor =).
6. We had been married almost exactly 13 1/2 months. 6. We have been married almost exactly 13 1/2 years.
7. I was really sick at the beginning of my pregnancy. 7. I was really sick at the beginning of my pregnancy.
8. I craved big soft pretzels. 8. I have craved IHOP Viva la French Toast with scrambled eggs, and peanut butter sandwiches with a tall glass of cold skim milk.
9. I gained 25lbs in my pregnancy. 9. I have gained more than 25lbs in this pregnancy=) I am totally chalking that up to it being a  boy. I have always  gained a lot more with my boys than with my girls.
10. After being sick, a very easy pregnancy. 10. After being sick, very easy as well. Had restless leg syndrome and was anemic, just like my other boy pregnancies.
11. I read my pregnancy book religiously everyday, sometimes more than once a day. 11. I have only cracked open my pregnancy book a couple times throughout  this whole pregnancy.
12. I made a long list of things I “needed” for the baby. I went to second hand baby stores and saved my pennies to buy all of it. I was very by the book-if it said 8 receiving blankets, than we must “need” 8. What for, I don’t know, but we must need them=). 12. I pulled out my boys bin of clothes and had everything I needed already from when Scott was born. I have learned we need WAY less than those books recommend. Lots of diapers, onesies, burp cloths, and easy to close (either zipper or nightgown type) pajamas for the first little while.
13. Our favorite baby accessory was probably her stroller. At nights she wouldn’t calm down unless we took her for a walk around the Provo Temple. 13. Favorite baby accessory hands down is the Baby Bjorn. I wish I would have known about it when Brianna was born. Such a life saver!
14. My parents bought us a bouncy seat for her to sit in during the day. 14. We are on our 4th bouncy seat so far. He will probably not sit in it much the first few weeks because he will be in everyone's arms all day.
15. We had to trade cars with Aaron’s sister for a year because we only had a two seater Honda CRX, and we didn’t all fit in it. 15. We have a Honda Odyssey (we love our Honda’s) that seats 8, and will still don’t all fit in it. We will have to double buckle someone if we ever all go somewhere together. Most times we end up driving separate anyways and Aaron meets us somewhere from work.
16. I had a baby shower that my sister-in-law threw for me. 16. No shower.
17. I had all the baby clothes washed, organized, and hung up in our wardrobe a least a month before she was born. 17. I have all the baby clothes washed and in the baskets above Scott’s dresser with a week to spare.
18. I was busy sewing all of Brianna’s baby bedding-bumper pad and crib skirt. 18. We have since ditched the bed skirt and bumper pad concept. I am busy sewing witch costumes for Halloween for four little girls.
19. We had her name picked out months before. 19. We have had a name picked out for about one month and are 99% sure it’s the one we’ll use.
20. I was pregnant at the same time as my sister-in-law. We were having a girl, they were having a boy. They were born one week apart. 20. Pregnant at the same time as a different sister-in-law. We are having a boy, they are having a girl. They will be almost exactly 1 month apart.
21. I had no idea what a contraction felt like. 21. I have felt more than my fair share of contractions, and I am actually hoping I am late so I can be induced. 1. Epidural 2. Pitocin, 3.Baby born 4. No contractions ever felt. I like that plan.
22. Aaron and I took a prenatal class and a breathing class before the baby was born. 22. No classes this time.
23. When someone asked if I was getting an epidural I was open to going natural. “I’ll just see how it goes”. 23. I will definitely be getting an epidural this time. I have gone “natural” once and that was enough for me.
24. I had Brianna the day before her due date. 24. ? Hopefully soon!
25. Regular vaginal birth. 25. 5th time VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).
26. My labor was about 8 hours. 26. ? Probably very similar.
27. She was the first grandchild on my side, and the third grandchild on Aaron’s side. 27. He will be the 13th grandchild on my side, and the 18th on Aaron’s side.
28. Didn’t have to call anyone when I was in labor. 28. Have to arrange a babysitter to watch the other kids when we go to the hospital. I always hate to call someone in the middle of the night!
29. My mom came to help a couple days after Brianna was born. 29. Family will come one month after the baby is born.
30. When Brianna was born we had a big sign on our door to let all our neighbors know she was here. 30. No sign, no balloons, just six other kids who will tell all the neighbor kids, school teachers, ward members, and friends that he is here.
31. Grandma Bonnie (my mom) gave us Brianna’s baby blessing dress for a gift. 31. I found online, ordered, and had delivered to my door the new baby’s blessing outfit.
32. We blessed Brianna when she was 3 weeks old. 32. We will bless this baby when he is about 5 weeks old.
33. We had a one bedroom apartment and Brianna slept with us in our small room. 33. We have a four bedroom house and the baby will still be sleeping with us in our room. Some things never change, I guess.=)
34. She was very loved, and had us to hold her day or night 34. He is already very loved and will have 8 people to hold him day or night.


Lisa said...

Cute comparison. Of course so much has changed! I like the 13 1/2 months and years one! Wow. I'm feeling like viva la french toast at IHOP now.

The Crew said...

I love this comparison! I might actually copy it in a way:) I agree with the natural birth. I still am trying to remember how in the world I made it!! thank heaven it was only 2 hours.