{ Summer With a Pregnant Mom }

Going through a summer with a pregnant mom is tough! I think all my kids should win “Kid of the year” award for enduring it so well. We had record breaking temperatures this summer which didn’t help. Anything outside, including a day at the pool seemed out of the question for me. I got drained so quickly, and having a fainting mom at the pool didn’t seem like the best idea to me. The kids spent most of their days playing on the trampoline with the sprinkler for hours at a time. They were such good sports and didn’t complain too much. We started out the summer with our summer points fun, but by mid July, I was too tired to actually keep up with who had earned what. Erika came to me one day and said, “So basically we don’t really do summer points anymore right?” Good catch kid. Instead, I would happily let them watch TV in the morning while I slept in if they would take care of Scott. A great little trade I think.

Don’t worry kids, there will actually come a day when your mom isn’t always pregnant, has an overabundance of energy, plans all kinds of fun activities to do, rides bikes with you, takes you to the pool all the time, and doesn’t constantly say to be quiet so she can take a nap. Someday kids..someday. Until then, I feel very lucky to have kids who see the vision and can’t wait for the “little brother who is making mommy tired” to join our family. Only a few more months guys!

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