{ End of School Activities }

Lots of end of the school year activities as usual. The kids participated in field day, their awards ceremonies, and had end of the year ice cream parties. Here are a few pictures from those.

Field Day

Erika field game blog

Brooke and Abby game blog  Brooke and Abby at field day blogBrooke and Erika were nice to let Abby do all the games with them. They would lead her around and protect her from the “mean kids”. The boys loved getting to go to watch the big kids at their field day. I can finally put them both in the stroller without too much “baby hitting” from Scott. Ryan just adores him. He just watches everything he does-sometimes giggles, but mostly just watches him so intently. Taking mental notes I am sure for how to act like a silly two year old when the time comes.

boys at field day blog boys be silly blog Ryan at field day blog

Erika’s Kindergarten Awards Ceremony

Erika at school program blogErika with kindergarten teacher blog Erika has loved kindergarten this year. She was a little nervous because she went to Pre-K at a different school and was worried that she wouldn’t know anyone at Mathews. She made friends quickly though and loved her sweet teacher. At their awards ceremony they sang some cute songs, got awards for reading, writing stories, and other special talents she noticed in each of the kids.

Brooke’s Ice Cream Party

Brooke and Olivia blog

Brooke with her friend Olivia on the last day of school. Olivia left right from school to move to Colorado. Brooke has really missed her. I found a note she wrote in her journal about how much she missed her. We were sad to see her go.

Brooke with teacher 2nd grade blog Brooke LOVED her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Hood. Her teacher was pregnant and had her baby about 6 weeks before I had Ryan. She ended up being on maternity leave until after Christmas break. They had a series of substitutes in the classroom, and Brooke would count down the days until she came back. She just seemed to click so good with Mrs. Hood. Her teacher is really creative and came up with the cutest activities-that went a long way with Brooke.

The one activity I loved was when they read a book as a class about a baseball team and an umpire. They had to do the regular writing activities, and drew some pictures, but then they made these fun trading cards. She had the parents help the kids fill out information sheets about themselves that included height, weight, hair and eye color, hobbies, talents, etc. Then in class she took a picture of each of the children in front of a plain background with either a baseball cap, a ball glove, or holding a bat. Then she cut out the picture and made the background a baseball field. She printed a bigger 5 x7 one for each of the kids and then about 5 smaller wallet sized ones. She had the kids write their “stats” on the back and then she laminated them all. They had a class party where the kids got to trade their cards with their friends. So creative.

Austin and Brianna also attended their awards ceremonies. Austin had a special 5th grade graduation ceremony that Aaron went to, and I went to Brianna’s awards ceremony. I haven’t exactly figured out how we are going to man attending all of our kids ceremonies as we get more kids in school. It has been crazy coordinating them all-a lot of which happened on the same day and same time. We are so proud of each of our kids. We love that they love to learn and always try their hardest in school. We closed out the year by going to the store so they could each get a report card treat for all their hard work. It’s a tradition they love at every report card period, and one we love too. $5 for 9 weeks of good grades-a bargain if you ask me.

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