{ 100 Things We Did This Summer }

It seems as the beginning of the school year rolls around, the kids go back to school and always end up writing papers about all the fun things they did that summer. Sometimes I have heard my kids say, “I don’t know…we didn’t do anything” What?! Were you not here for our summer-o-fun? This year I wanted that to be different. I wanted my kids to remember all the great things we experienced the whole summer long-both big and little. At the beginning of the summer Brianna helped me to make this poster that hung in our hallway by the garage door. Over the course of the next few months, we filled that paper up to the brim. We would write down anything we did that was memorable when we would think of it.

100 Days of Summer poster blog-2

By the end of the summer we had a list of 100 amazing ways we spent our summer.

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Each one certainly deserves it’s own post, and eventually you’ll get all the great details about each one, but for now, here are the 100 things we did this summer:

  1. “How to be a lady” Camp
  2. Play with white goopy stuff (cornstarch and water-the funnest stuff!)
  3. Go to Flatrock park and catch tadpoles
  4. Art Camp
  5. Go swimming
  6. Have Brianna’s 14th birthday
  7. Young Women’s Camp (Brianna)
  8. Soap on the trampoline with the neighbors
  9. Run 2 miles to Subway for dinner
  10. Wet/dry walk around the neighborhood
  11. Mom and Brianna trip to Nebraska for Matt and Nicole’s temple sealing
  12. Plant a garden
  13. Watch old episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos on Netflix until REALLY late into the night
  14. My first dance (Brianna)
  15. Do my first backflip on the trampoline (Erika)
  16. Go to Boy Scout Camp (Austin)
  17. Go to soccer camp (Austin)
  18. Do summer goals
  19. Do a water fight
  20. “Book Buddy” camp with If You Give a Dog a Donut book
  21. Tooth fell out (Erika)
  22. Learn to ride my bike without training wheels (Abby) I love how she wrote it on the list-“lrnd to ride my bick with awt chranin ywerls”-so cute
  23. Go to work on Will and Zac Murphy’s Eagle project
  24. Go to first Red Star game (Austin)
  25. Visit Georgia Aquarium
  26. Went to Wonder Works in Gatlinburg, TN
  27. Learned 6 new soccer tricks (Austin)
  28. Went on before school date (Austin)
  29. Puff ball art
  30. Go on a back to school date with mommy (Erika)
  31. Go swimming in Tennessee
  32. Hike the Little Grand Canyon (Providence Canyon) with Mike and Desirea and family
  33. Hike the side of a mountain (Aaron, Austin, Brooke, and cousins in Gatlinburg)
  34. Go to the 6 Flags Waterpark
  35. Play for a night at Gymnastics Unlimited
  36. Sleep on a double decker bed (Brooke, Erika, and Abby)
  37. Eat strudels
  38. Nap (Aaron)
  39. EFY (Brianna)
  40. Have a week of staycation Olympics
  41. Watch the Olympics
  42. High School math packet
  43. Play volleyball with new net
  44. Play badminton
  45. Play indoor homemade ping-pong
  46. Back to school date (Brianna)
  47. Make cowboy cookies
  48. Mike & Desirea & cousins came to visit
  49. Play Yahtzee on uncle Mike’s iPad
  50. Get bit by Tori
  51. Go poopy in the potty (Ryan)
  52. Beat Warren and AJ in wrestling (Aaron)
  53. Make superman shirts for the family reunion
  54. Play pool at the cabin in Gatlinburg,TN
  55. Pick blueberries and blackberries in Gatlinburg
  56. Have BYF (Bishop’s Youth Fireside) finally!
  57. Play glow stick hide and seek   
  58. Play foosball
  59. Play air hockey
  60. Have a grandparent family history night
  61. Go to see new Batman movie (Aaron)
  62. See real live bears in Gatlinburg
  63. Play in the sprinklers
  64. Austin teaches soccer camp to the girls
  65. Dance camp by Brianna-Learning dance to the song by One Direction What Makes You Beautiful
  66. Listen to funny church cd’s-Hank Smith and John Bytheway are our favorite
  67. Plate art contest in Gatlinburg
  68. Make necklaces with Anna at family reunion
  69. Minute to win-it desserts
  70. Red Star soccer tryouts
  71. Watch new kid history videos on youtube
  72. Have missionaries over for dinner
  73. Get stuffed animal dogs Goldie, Anna, and Cole on vacation (Erika,Abby, and Scott) with goal money
  74. Cook on Aaron’s new grill
  75. Get cool soccer haircut (Austin)
  76. Straighten hair for the 1st time (Erika) 
  77. New school clothes fashion shows
  78. Scott and Ryan go on bike ride with Mom and Dad on bike trail
  79. Monae goes on tornado at Six Flags Water park (I am not agreeing this was a “fun” thing we did-just memorable and a bit scary) The kids thought it was SO fun to see me go on that.
  80. Move dad’s office over to the hospital
  81. Answer riddles on iPhone
  82. Aaron gets new iPhone
  83. Monae gets Aaron’s old iPhone and is SO happy that her old prepaid phone SIM card works in it
  84. Meet Siri on dad’s phone and ask her funny questions
  85. Play National Geographic game from Grandma Starbuck
  86. Play Rummikub
  87. Play Mancala against iPhones
  88. Scott gets funny haircut (not on purpose)
  89. Eat and make deluxe waffles
  90. 2nd year anniversary for Aaron being the bishop
  91. Young men and young women come over for a water activity
  92. Celebrate Father’s day
  93. Ryan Lochte (that was Brianna’s I think) They enjoyed watching swimming this year for the Olympics and he was the main event. I think I heard the girls say about a hundred times-“He’s so cute!”. Oh yeah, and he’s a super fast swimmer too!
  94. Organize game cupboard (Brooke)
  95. Karate lessons from dad and sparing fights up in the playroom
  96. Chase deer out of the yard
  97. Rearrange bedrooms
  98. Watch Ebony for the Folsoms-Ebony is their black lab dog
  99. 4th of July party at the Apffels’
  100. Ice on the trampoline

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Lisa said...

Wow wee... what a summer! Sounds awesome!

The Simon Family said...

Monae! It's so fun to catch up with your family on your blog! #51 cracked me up! What a great idea! I think I'm gonna use the poster next summer. :)