{ Some Randomness in Our Lives }

As I was sorting through some pictures of the last few months, I found some great random ones that made me smile. Life with kids..7kids…can create the best memories. I find myself trying to laugh more than cry just to make it through. I wish I was a better advocate for messy fun (I’m working on it), but I think I am getting better at just turning the other cheek to those messes that just can’t be helped. I secretly wish I wore my motto bold and proud-it would sound something like this:

If it can be:

  • cleaned up
  • mopped up
  • swept up
  • dried up
  • wiped down
  • picked up
  • redone
  • remade
  • fixed
  • or lived with broken…

then we’re good.

Here’s a few examples of what our random life consists of these days.

Exhibit A

spaghetti names blog-1

This is the result of littlest Starbuck kid (not pictured) sharing his dinner with the floor. In his valiant efforts to not waste such precious goods, smart older brother (who’s sporting a great post nap hairdo and church pants with shirt that’s not a white button up shirt  because he takes it off the second we are home from church) gets to work showing the rest of us his great new spelling skills. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

spaghetti names blog-2

Lovely. Makes a mother’s heart proud to see her kid learning to spell. And we’ll just overlook those nice clean floors shall we. It was Sunday, I was pretty sure I was resting that day from all sweeping responsibilities.

Brooke was not about to be outdone…

spaghetti names blog-3

…have I mentioned how alike those two are? Wow. Two peas in a pod for sure. Everyone else was about to join in the fun, when I called it quits. I am still a work in progress. I wish I could have just joined in and started spelling things out too, but it was late, and I was getting grumpy. Boo Hoo. Someday, I’ll let loose a bit more.

Exhibit B

cereal blog-1

What’s this grand concoction you may be wondering? Dinner I created for the night? As much as I don’t always love to cook, and we do have the two cereal meals a day limit…no it’s not something I can claim credit for. This is the result of spending too much time in the garage trying to organize things with your husband who actually has a free day off, and your two year old decides that waiting for you is really far too much to ask. You want cereal, you get the two best kinds available (obviously Honey Nut Cheerios and Trix were the cereal of choice), as some extra sugar, because I’m pretty sure those two kinds don’t have enough already, and bon appetite! Yeah, we caught it before any milk was actually added and too much sugar was consumed.

Exhibit C

washing machine overflow blog-1

In case you were wondering what happens when too many suds have a party in a low suds front loading washing machine…I’ll save you some time. This is what that fun would look like. So if maybe you were trying really hard to get your whole house cleaned for some youth to come stay at your house for a weekend Youth Conference, and you were trying to wash lots of towels and bathmats and one of them maybe had a spot on it that you were a little unsure about-though in your gut you maybe knew it was baby shampoo that someone spilled on the mat, like half a bottles worth, but you decided not to take the time to further investigate, but just threw it in the wash as is…Yes, you would definitely get this as an outcome. No worries. Nothing a little soggy trip of carrying really heavy towels outside to rinse off in the water spicket on the side of the house can’t fix (because there are so many suds they are just clogging up the laundry room sink)the whole time wondering if the neighbors are watching you from their windows, and maybe are worried for you that your washer had broken and you had resorted to hand washing your clothes for now. They might think you were ever more odd than you are, and really pity you for all the laundry you would have to do by hand, in a cold water spicket in 40 degree weather for 7 kids.

Yea, just in case you were wondering, I got ya covered. No need to wonder any longer.

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Dre + Drew - Pacific Northwest Living - DuPont, WA said...

Oh Monae I just got caught up on all your posts since Halloween and they all made me smile. Those colorful balloons, the spaghetti spelling on the floor, the suds, the THING theme, THE DOG. THE DOG. I told Drew and he smiled. Dogs make a home, but they do take a lot of work. Need any training tips email me. I raised two puppies before kids (I feel I am better at that :) )!!! He is adorable and Erika's precious reaction brought tears to my eyes. THANK you dear friend for your sweet remarks on my blog. I love you and miss you!! I need to talk to you more you have 7 kids!!! you are truely amazing and MONAE you inspire me.