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I sure am thankful for iPhones and all the technology that we have these days. If it weren’t for Aaron phone and his emails every few days I feel like I would have completely missed out on this week of his and Austin’s life. Most years Aaron takes some vacation days to get to go with Austin to camp, and being the bishop that responsibility translate into him getting to go have some fun for a week with Austin. I know it bums out Brianna for him to be gone for her birthday each year, but with the beauty of technology again we were able to Facetime with our boys for her birthday too.

The camp that they have gone to the last few years is Camp Rainey Mountain which is a few hours drive away. Here are some of the highlights according to Aaron’s emails and an interview with Austin afterwards.

June 10, 2013

“True to form Rainey MTN has lived up to its name. We arrive in perfect weather had a wonderful cool night sleep and sacrament service with another stake and went for a nice leisurely walk Sunday afternoon. We got poured on...DRENCHED. It continued to rain all day and night and is still raining. The boys are in good spirits. Before they all got soaked I had convinced them all to go for an early swim this morning (actually it would have been a few laps in prep for the 1 mile lake swim). Well we got wet enough last night to last us our whole life so needless to say we did not go swimming in the cold rain this morning.
Everyone is in good spirits. You all have fine optimistic boys you can be proud off.”

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Who were your bunk mates this year? Josh, Taylor, Jonas, Alan, Will, and myself

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June 12, 2013

“After about 4 days of rainy weather, the sun finally peaked out.”

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What was your favorite merit badge at camp? Kayaking

Why? Because we got to play in the lake and annoy the swim class and tip each other over in our kayaks

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Lining up for morning and evening flag ceremony

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What was the best part about camp? The food

What was your favorite food there? Breakfast

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What was the worst part about camp? The rain

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What is one thing that you learned while there? That archery is a lot harder than it looks.

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Aaron trying out skeet shooting

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Kayak race at the end of the week. One of the requirements for the Kayaking merit badge was to be able to row the length of the lake. Austin earned the kayaking, rifle, and archery merit badge while there, as well as part of his communications and geocaching merit badges.

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Campfire with all of the scouts attending there that week

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