{ Random Summer Happenings }

Just some random things from this summer…

I found this picture on my camera. I guess according to Austin and Brooke it was this really cool slushy that she made. Right after she took the picture, it fell on the floor and she didn’t even get to enjoy it. Maybe that’s why I never heard about how cool it was.

Summer rainbow drink blog-1

I finally got around to painting the front room. When we built I really felt like I wanted it to be the really light blue that the kitchen and some other areas on the main floor are. I chickened out and went “safe” with a neutral-which really is a great neutral just not for me. I wish I would have gone with my gut on that one-it would have saved a couple nights of painting. I do love it blue now.

Painting front room blog-1Painting front room blog-2

Erika decided that she was going to make a horse stable mansion for her small horses that she earned with her summer points. Within a few days Abby and Brooke had joined in as well. They made homemade bridles out of ribbon, and used about 100 glue sticks in the glue gun. That pack of popsicle sticks was well loved! Fun to see their creativity. A few bad iPhone pictures to remember them by. Unfortunately, the little boys destroyed part of the stables, and the paper from the paper shredder that was the hay was scattered over the whole upstairs. It was fun to make and kept three girls quite busy this summer, but in the end found a home in the trash=(

Erika horse stable blog-1Erika horse stable blog-2

I order some caterpillars and this butterfly home so the kids could watch them turn into butterflies. It was pretty cool to see. We barely missed seeing them before we left for our family reunion-good thing they were quick bloomers.

Let butterflies go blog-1Let butterflies go blog-2

The kids took Simon swimming a few times, and joined him a few times too until our housing association called us out o it. Dog-yes,Kids-no. Looking at that water I would say no too-I think that’s why Aaron took them without me.

Swimming with Simon blog-1   Swimming with Simon blog-2 Swimming with Simon blog-3Swimming with Simon blog-4

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