HELP WANTED : Translator position

The kids are always coming up with new cute things they are saying. Here are some of our recent favorites.

Snowflakes-snowflicks As in: "I wish it would snow here so we could catch some snowflicks on our tongue"
Kiwis-Peewees "I love peewees for breakfast"
Earmuffs-Earmuffins "It's cold out, you might need some earmuffins on so your ears don't get cold"
Blind-Blindfolded "If I look at the sun too long will I get blindfolded?"
Feeding-Eating "When your done eating Scott can I hold him."
Discussed it-Disgusted "They couldn't decide what to plant in their garden, so they disgusted"
Bouncy seat-Bouncy ball- "Can you lay Scott in his bouncy ball"
Litter-Glitter-"Look at all that glitter that people threw on the ground!"


Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

cracked me up! loved 'em.

Chrystina said...

Kid speak is soo cute! Thanks for sharing it with us. I just love it when they try so hard!