Daily Schedule

There are days when I feel like I am running in a hundred different directions. We are constantly rushing from one activity to the next only to drop at the end of the day and wonder what I actually accomplished that day. In all our prayers the little girls say, "...and Daddy went to work and Mommy stayed home with Erika, Abby, and Scotty and had fun". So, evidentally I stay home and have fun every day. I thought it would be good to write down our usually schedule so one day they can look back on it and see all that went on each day-even the not-so-fun stuff.

12:00am-feed Scott and get him to sleep in his crib
4:00am-feed Scott in our bed and let him sleep with us until morning
6:45am-have family scripture study and family prayer
7:00am-feed Scott while kids get ready for school. Aaron leaves for work
7:30-8:30am-help kids with breakfast, make lunches, sign any last minute papers for school, put in a load of laundry
8:30am-take Brianna, Austin, and Brooke to school
9:00am-eat breakfast while I read my scriptures, clean up dishes from breakfast
9:30am-feed Scott
10:00am-fold load of laundry from the night before while girls play kitchen or watch a show, run errands
10:30am-give Scott a bath if not still running errands
10:45am-feed girls a snack if they haven't already helped themselves to the pantry
11:00am-try to keep girls from picking up Scott and generally bothering him so he can take a short nap. This usually involves sending them outside to play or playing a game together
11:30am-feed Scott while checking emails, blogs, and making phone calls
12:00pm-make lunch for the girls-usually pasta or chicken nuggets or random things on their lunch tray plates. They like something in each little compartment-squares of cheese, strawberries, fruit snacks, sandwhich or hotdog, bananas, and chips or goldfish crackers are a few of their favorites. They like to eat at their little table by their new play kitchen. Aaron calls during his lunch break.
1:00pm-change laundry over to dryer
-feed Scott and my favorite time NAPTIME!! Read girls a book before naptime and give girls their milk to drink at naps
3:00pm-pick up Brianna, Austin, and Brooke from school
3:30pm-have after school snack, do homework, and look at school papers while feeding Scott. Brianna has chess club every other Friday until 4:30pm
4:00pm-Austin, Brooke, and Erika almost always go outside to play. Brianna either finishes up homework, reads, or plays wii for a little bit
4:30pm-requests start for what we are having for dinner, Aaron calls saying he is on his way home
5:00pm-make dinner, Scott is usually cranky during this time. Brianna or Austin help to watch him.Erika and Abby set the table and Brooke unstacks the dishwasher
5:30pm-dinner, feed Scott, Brianna and Austin clear the table
6:00pm- Mondays Family Home Evening then run to soccer practice, Tuesdays stake meetings for Aaron, soccer practice or game for Austin and Brianna, Wednesday Cub Scouts and Activity Days, Thursdays soccer game or practice for Austin and Brianna, cooking class for Monae once a month, Fridays Austin soccer practice and movie night.
7:30pm-baths and get ready for bedtime
8:00pm-family prayer and feed Scott
8:30pm-Abby, Erika, and Brooke story and bedtime
9:30pm-Brianna and Austin bedtime
10:00pm-Scott's grumpy time, Aaron usually walks with him in the carrier
10:30pm-Aaron goes to bed
10:30pm-feed Scott, hold him until he falls asleep, and enjoy some quiet time
12:00pm-go to bed if Scott hasn't woke up to eat or needs to be rocked again

I edited it and the change laundry font/lettering is all bold and bigger now, I have no idea why, it really isn't that important. Weird bloggerism I guess.


Chrystina said...

One word~ Supermom!

The Simon Family said...

Shall I call you Mary Poppins? I think you've won the mom of the century award. So inspiring.

Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

WOW! That was so neat to read and how neat for you to journal. Loved it.

Lisa said...

Love it Monae... I should do one of these too. What a perfect journal entry of what your life is like. Totally impressed by the way! 6:45 scripture study?! Wow.

Shillig 1 said...

Awesome! I feel inspired to journal our family's schedule - that way I know what I've accomplished & the kids know I do something. :)

Valeni said...

Just checking your blog Monae and loved hearing about your life. You are a wonderful Mom and so in tune with doing things right. i love and admire your great spirit!

The Byrd's said...

Being a mom is such a blessing and a very busy one!! you are great!