It has been a crazy weekend of weather here in the south. Saturday morning we woke up to tornado warnings and a ton of rain. The creek at the back of our property was up to it's banks, about a ten foot rise. The backyard was starting to resemble a pond, and we were glad we were nice and cozy inside.

Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave for church it started sleeting. Church was cancelled after sacrament and we went out to a parking lot covered with a blanket of snow. It was so beautiful! Upon arriving home the kids quickly changed and went out to play in the snow for a little while. They were having a hard time comprehending how cold it actually was. Shoes? Socks? Gloves? What are those? Just last week we were wearing shorts!

The snow was wet and perfect for snowball fights and snowman making.

Abby lasted the shortest time, and much enjoyed watching from the comfort of the warm house. Erika experienced the taste of real snow-not just the snow-cone type we are used to around here. She loved being outside, but was having a hard time keeping her gloves on. She would come inside crying with red, cold, hands. Frostbite around here? We ended out the night around a nice warm fire drinking hot chocolate.

The best part about the snow was that the kids (and me) got to have a snow day today and take a break from school. Sleeping in, playing in the snow, having the whole neighborhood of kids over to play, and getting some blog updating done were just a few of the highlights for the day. Brooke went out to romp in the snow this morning and after a little while came in so cold. She said, "It is freezing out there. Remind me not to go out there again!"

Luckily we had a sled in the attic we had held onto, so they tried sledding down the front hill a little. They put snowballs in the freezer for show-and-tell on Friday, and have watched the snow slowly melt away. Brooke asked, "Does it snow every March 1 ?"

I was getting ready for sping to be here as I watched my daffofils come up a few weeks ago. Now, they are covered in 4 inches of snow! Hopefully my tulips will continue to come up.

Happy Snow Day!


Nancy said...

It's so beautiful! Just ask it to be gone by Wednesday. :)

Karen said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I'm so stinkin jealous! I'm so glad that you finally posted pictures; I have waiting all day for you to update your blog. That's right - I'm a web stalker! Love ya

Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

love your art! i am glad i am in san antonio, weren't we just talking about this last sunday, so funny. we couldn't believe it when we saw Lisa's and Kim's blogs. That last photo priceless, great capture of her facial expression.

The Byrd's said...

That is crazy who would think it would snow there?? That was only a wish of ours when we were there now we are never in the clear of it!! great pics as always!

She who must be obeyed! said...

Your tulips will be better for it. They love a little cold snap right before they make their appearance! Great pics as always! (bowing head in shame)

Chrystina said...

We are so jealous!! Great pictures! Love your snow view!

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Aren't snow days the best...especially when there is real snow to with it! Love you all!!!

The Soto Crew said...

I love the landscape pics but this pic of the oldest is beautiful! love it.