Monae’s Birthday Weekend

Aaron and I had the chance to break away for a fun weekend in Destin, Florida to celebrate my birthday. No kids, no schedules, no calendars, not even a camera-just us. It was wonderful. We have never been to the beach in the fall, and I think it’s my new favorite time to go to the beach. Everything was so laid back, not the hustle and bustle busyness that the summer months can bring. We didn’t have to wait in any lines at the restaurants and had the beach almost all to ourselves. It was a great relaxing weekend.

We ate lunch here on Friday at El Vaquero, did a bit of shopping, and then headed south to Destin. It was so nice to have 3-4 hours of uninterrupted talk time-a luxury we definitely don’t usually get on car rides. We checked in at the Hilton at Sandestin, and then went for a short walk on the beach. We went out to eat at the Crabshack that night. Their food was okay, but it had a great view of the beach that made up for it. We stopped by our favorite desert place-Barnes and Noble for our regular chocolate mouse, double chocolate cookie, brownies, and carrot cake.

On Saturday we went out for a morning walk on the beach before breakfast at IHOP, did some shopping at the outlet malls, and enjoyed shopping for souvenirs for the kids. We took a nice nap on the beach before dinner, and witnessed a wedding that was happening there right by the water. It was a bit too windy and cold to swim, but just watching the waves and having no kids to chase after was so relaxing.

We ended out the night eating at Joe’s Crab Shack -always a sure win. I love their food, and their fun atmosphere is great. Even though we enjoyed some time by ourselves, much of that night we talked about all the fun stuff we could with the kids when we come back. Our waitress clued us in on all the fun things to do-fireworks shows, trips to the dock to see the catches of the day, good restaurants, fun beach spots, and the least busy time to come. A fall trip to the beach next year is quickly finding it’s way onto our calendar, and we are so excited !

Sunday, we celebrated back at home with cake, presents, and thoughtful notes from the kids. When we were gone Becky helped the kids make a beautiful card for me with all their own sweet little notes on it:


I love that you snuggle with me at night time, that you always make me laugh, and that you love me so much...Scott :)

Abby: I love you Mommy cuz...you do nice fings, you gets me milka, and water and ice, and you gives me kisses and reads me stories.

Erika: I love you Mommy because...you make my bed, you pour my cereal in the morning, I love it when you come to scripture time, and when I am sick you always give me medicine.  I love the presents you got me for my owl birfday, they made me happy.  And I like it when you help me when it is my turn for family home evening. (and thank you for buying lots of milka)  

Brooke: I love you mommy because...you sometimes help me make my bed.  I like it when you take me to school because you don't get lost. I love that you help me pick up my room, and when you make me chicken and rice to eat.  I also love that you help me look nice by picking out my clothes and curling my hair.  Thank you for always checking my homework.

Austin: I love you mom because...you help me pick out my clothes in the morning. I am glad that you took me to the emergency room, when I was in so much pain. I love that you let me text becky, and when you make inside out pizzas. I love it when you come to my soccer games and cheer for me. I love that you plan fun activities and you help me make cool projects.

Brianna: I love you Mommy because…you pack my lunch, clean my clothes, and take me to and from school.  You let me do fun activities like ballet and soccer and hang out with my friends. You always encourage me at school, and you care about my grades.  I love it when you make dumplings.  Without you I would be the saddest person on earth.  I love that I can tell you secrets and I love when just the two of us spend time together. 

Monae, I hope you have a fantastic birthday!  I am so grateful for your friendship.  I once read that the best thing that a mother can do for her kids is to give them "roots and wings". I love that I am able to witness you do that on a daily basis.  Thank you for giving me a place that my heart can call home.   -Becky


It was a wonderful weekend, and I felt very loved. Thank you family for helping feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Another year older, another year blessed.

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Lisa said...

What a fun birthday weekend. I love Destin. I hope we get another trip down there... we should go together!