{ Forever Day }

One of my best friend's Amy has this amazing Aunt Gail. I have yet to meet her, but get second hand from Amy all the wonderful advice, encouragement, and fun family ideas to use in our own home. Forever Day is one of those ideas. On their Wedding Anniversary they celebrate as a family the day they became a forever family.
I loved that idea, and thought this year we would try it out. On Friday nigh,t Aaron and I were able to go out by ourselves to celebrate-a good dinner at Houlihans, some shopping, and a stop at Barnes and Noble. That made today, our actually 13th anniversary, a family time-Forever Day.
The kids were so excited we had let them in on our fun. We started out to day with a nice homemade breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon courtesy of Aaron and Brianna. We are usually cold cereal and toast kind of people so it really is a treat to have a hot breakfast at our home. I was spoiled with a vase full of my favorite flowers-tulips, and then off to dinner as a family we went. As we were driving to dinner we were talking about how 13 years ago, mommy and daddy were kissing at the alter and they were all up in heaven shouting for joy, hugging, high fiving, and so excited that we could now finally be a family. They were plotting who would come down first, what fun we would all have, and watched us eating wedding cake without them.
They said, "Yeah, Scott was so excited and said,' now only 10 1/2 more years until I can come!'" We thought that kids #6,7,and someday 8, must have been the most patient to have to wait to come to our family. We joked with Brooke that she must have had everything in order up there, and that things must have been all chaotic when she was born. She wholeheartedly agreed and said,"Yes, I had it all planned, and everyone was suppose to come down to earth in alphabetical order!" So cute, even in heaven she was organizing and planning away!
We went to eat at Ryan's Steakhouse-not my first choice for dining, but when your pregnant and need food NOW, a buffet seems to be the way to go. We then went to Chucke Cheese, and spent $20 for tokens and we were instant celebrities in our children's eyes. They had fun playing games, getting tickets, and plotting out the prizes they would get. We suggested they give Aaron and I all their tickets and buy us something since it is our anniversary, but we had no takers for that.
We rounded out the night with yummy chocolate desserts at home. Austin is so cute to always ask before he eats something-Did you take a picture of this yet? Leave it to him to stroke my ego once in a while. I will have to post the picture later when I take it.
We are so amazed that 13 years had come and gone already. We look at our kids and are just in awe at how blessed we are.
  • Brianna for being brave and responsible and wanting to lead the way by coming to our family first.
  • Austin for being the oldest son and showing the example of faith and a righteousness and a gentle way with his sisters.
  • Brooke for leaving behind all the order and perfect planning there was in Heaven to come to our home where things are not always that orderly.
  • Erika for her abundance of joy and tender I love you's.
  • Abby for her sweet innocence and desire to do good.
  • Scott for all the love he brings to our home. He is the unifier for our home.
  • Baby#7 for being patient for so long to come to us
  • And someday Baby #8 who will make us complete.
What great blessings this life has for us. I am so blessed to have such a caring, loving, considerate husband who showers me with love. I am lucky he is my best friend who listens when I need to talk, and offers advice and strengthens my faith when I feel weak.What a great 13 years it has been. Maybe by year 15, we will have all the members of our family here in earth with us, and we will be able to spend our first Forever Day together as a great reunion we haven't had in 15 years. What a special day that will be.


Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

love this tradition! How fun.

Amy Ritter said...

Happy Forever Day!!! You amaze me including the children who are not here on earth yet.

Karen said...

What a wonderful idea! Patrick and I celebrate our anniversary in a traditional manner, but generally only mentioned the anniversary of our sealing. Now, we have a great way to celebrate our special November 14th sealing. I love how you know your children even the one(s) still waiting! P.S. I'm making your Chicken Enchiladas for dinner tonight!