{ The Proper Way to Eat a Banana }

While Brianna was at Young Women’s Girls Camp this summer she learned this  cute banana song that she taught us. Ever since then, when someone yells, “Banana’s up!”, all the kids get into position and sing the song. A banana is one of the few fruits that Scott knows how to identify correctly. It’s either a “banana” or everything else which is an “apple”. He loves bananas and has been well taught in the best way to eat one for breakfast.

Step 1: Convince mommy to slice one up and let you eat it up on the tall chairs at the high counter instead of your highchair.

Scott eating banana 2 blog

Step 2: Concentrate really hard to stick one of the slices on your little fork.

Scott eating banana 3 blog

Step 3: Make your mad face at the banana and try to scare him on your fork.

  Scott mad face banana blog

Step 4: Try to get it to stick on your hand instead.

Scott banana on hand blog

   Step 5: Trick that silly banana and finally get it stuck on your fork.

Scott eating banana 1 blog

Step 6: Eat yummy banana. Repeat as necessary.

Scott banana in mouth blog