{ Starting School Questions }

Now that school has been in for over a month, it has been fun to see how this school year will go. Here are my abbreviated 5 word answers to the school year so far:

1. Who’s in school this year?

Brianna, Austin, Brooke, and Erika

2. What grades are they in?

7th, 5th, 2nd, and kindergarten

3. How would they describe their teachers?

Fun, Joking, Pregnant, Nice, and Animated

4. What new school stuff did we get this year?

Potterybarnkids polka dot backpacks/lunchboxes

5.Lunch box or school lunch?

Lunchbox except for chicken day

6. How are the new school hours working out? Little kids 8am-2:30pm. Brianna 9am-4pm

Aaron takes little, Brianna bus

7.Any sports or activities so far?

Brianna soccer, us loyal spectators

8. Favorite after school snacks?

Anything, and lots of it

9. First quarter report cards?

Lots of smiles from parents

10. Mom’s favorite thing to do during school hours?

Take a nice long nap!

Austin 5th Grade blog  Brooke 2nd Grade blog Erika kindergarten blog

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Lisa said...

Katie got a PBKids polka dot backpack and lunchbox but the backpack was backordered and STILL has not gotten here. Love the five word answers. I'm glad you and catching up with you blog friend!!