{ Austin’s itouch…and Santa’s Present that Flew Away }

These pictures for sure do not show how excited Austin was to get an itouch for Christmas. He has been asking for one for the last two years, and it has fallen on deaf years. We couldn’t justify it for a 8 years old two years ago, but after we Aaron lost his present from Santa, we were feeling some parental guilt and Austin ended up getting an itouch anyways.

On Christmas morning, Austin woke up to find a brand new remote control airplane nestled under the tree. Completely surprised, but totally excited by it, Aaron and him promptly broke out the instructional video and learned how to fly it. They did practice runs, read some more instructions, practiced some more, and then finally headed out that afternoon to fly it. It wasn’t 30 minutes later they returned, the nose of it already broken. I guess that’s what happens when it’s made out of Styrofoam! Aaron felt bad because he was the one who was piloting when it happened. That didn’t stop these two though, they immediately turned to the most trusted sources they could find-utube videos on how to repair it. Luckily, our own personal Santa's workshop was still set up in our room, and soon was filled with one very large airplane who had been admitted to the Santa’s workshop hospital.

They were diligent in letting it dry for a few extra days, and then on the day that someone came to look at our house, we all headed to the soccer complex to try it out again. Austin had been practicing flying it, and was nervous but excited to give it a go. He did great for a few seconds and then it crashed into the fence. No broken pieces to report, so Aaron gave it a go. They got it up flying great and all the kids cheered and watched in awe as it circled higher and higher. They we all watched in awe as it continued to be BLOWN higher and higher…and higher and higher. Before we knew it our plane was out of view and gone. We piled in the van and drove to a nearby neighborhood in the direction it had gone. We were hoping it had just crashed in someone’s backyard or on their roof. No such luck. Unfortunately, we went home empty handed that day. Poor Austin, he had gotten a new zip line we hadn’t put up yet, and now no present from Santa. He was such a good sport, and later confessed that even though the plane was fun..it was a bit of a high stress toy. We would have to agree.

Austin pleaded one more time for an itouch, and this time we gave in..with strict limitations that is. Austin was so thrilled he didn’t care what limitations there was. Luckily, Brianna took some pictures of him with his new toy (I think I was packing at that point).


He and Aaron when to Graphicom and picked out a new itouch with a blue case. He was grinning from ear to ear. He has been so generous in sharing it with the girls, and has been super responsible to follow our rules. Here are some of the rules we have established:

  • The itouch has to be checked in at night and put on the mantel
  • No internet use of it in his room-only public places
  • 1-2 hours of gaming time on it a day (1-2 depending on how nice I am feeling that day)
  • Unlimited use of it for educational purposes-reading books, educational sites/games, etc.
  • Permission before any apps are downloaded
  • Limited number of downloads a day
  • No taking it to church on Sundays
  • Permission to take it places, so it doesn’t get lost
  • Be kindhearted about sharing it to show us your gratitude for getting it

Austin has had fun finding apps from the app store, downloading some songs, and reading his scriptures on it. He and Aaron are able to share some of their apps with each other, and combine their music. Merry Christmas Austin, you got your Christmas wish after all.

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