{ Brianna’s 13th Birthday }

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Dear Brianna,

I am not exactly sure when 13 started seeming so old to me. The years seem to be slipping by now. Each year I am in awe at how beautiful you are-both inside and out. You amaze me with your talents and your love for life. I am constantly impressed with your love for your family, and the gospel. I am so proud of you. You have a drive within you to work hard and get things done when they need to be-a talent I so admire in you. I love to watch you hang out with your friends, try new things, and be excited for what’s ahead. One of your favorite sayings is,”I can’t wait until…” You love to look forward to things to come. That excitement is contagious and it helps us be excited too.

At 13 you are more comfortable in Young Women’s, get to now wear makeup!, are working hard to earn money for an ipad, and babysit for others and us all the time. You like to swim (and love your new swim suit-the black one from Delia’s), like to watch shows on Netflix from the Disney channel and also old reruns of Bewitched, have finally admitted you love your curly hair and have found a new way to get your curls just the way you like, and love activities with the youth (Wednesday night activities, BYF at our house on Sundays, ward activities, anything to be with your friends.)

You are now as tall as I am and we almost wear the same size shoe. We have already started sharing necklaces and some of my shoes seem to find their way in your closet sometimes (which I secretly love to know you approve of my fashion choices). You are on your second year of having your braces, and will be very happy when they are off. You love to eat homemade pizza, dumplings, and cereal.

It’s fun to see how you’ve grown in the last 13 years as well as how much you have stayed the same. When you were only one, you would refuse to go to sleep if Daddy and I were still awake-you had to be where the action was. Now, you still love to be where the action is. You love to be wherever daddy and I are, knowing what we are talking about, and who it affects. We love having you around!

I hope you will always have a love for life like you have now. I hope you will remember being 13 and how great it was. I hope you will know you are so loved!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom

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Lisa said...

Oh, such a cute picture of the two of you!! Beautiful ladies!! Brianna, your hair is really gorgeous... love how you've styled it!

Dre + Drew - Midwest Living - Iowa City said...

Monae that was beautiful!!!