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Who would have thought a trip to girls camp in the middle of the hot summer would be cooler than your own house? A few weeks before Brianna and the other girls in our ward were to head out to girls camp, a tornado came through Pine Mountain and destroyed part of the camp. The camp directors tried hard to find another camp site so that Stake Young Women’s Camp could still go on. They secured a camp and rumors floated around that this camp had air conditioning! The girls were ecstatic. Every year they suffer with record breaking heat, and they were so glad to have some reprieve.

Fast forward to a few days before Brianna leaves and our air conditioning breaks. This was one experience that frustrated me so much abut renting-you were always at the mercy of the Property Managers who were at the mercy of the home owners who in turn were at the mercy of the 2-10 warranty company they were trying to use. I was wanting someone to blame and everyone was trying hard, but we were miserable! After the air conditioner guy had made his third visit at our house, I was about to hold him hostage if he wanted to leave without fixing it. Okay, not really, but hot weather does funny things to ya. At worst I sure would have shed some tears for him.

We got fans delivered to our house, spent a night at a friends house in the ward (heavenly to be in air conditioning again!), and suffered through our house being 91 degrees inside. I was humbled to say the least, and after two weeks of suffering we finally got our air conditioning working again. Never did 74 degrees feel so good!

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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh. That sounds completely awful!!

Fun to see a picture of those young women!! Cute girls!