{ Brooke’s Christmas concert }

Brooke performed in her school’s Christmas concert tonight. She had been singing the songs around the house for that last few weeks, and we were anxious to see this production she kept telling us about. She was super concerned about what to wear because they had requested that each child wear Christmas colors. Brooke was sure that meant that they each had to wear red, green, and white. After some heavy persuasion on my part, I reassured her that she could wear red, green, OR white.

New House Christmas-1-4

The kids put on a play about the real meaning of Christmas, with full on costumes, and singing, and props, and scenery. It really was like nothing I had even seen before-certainly a step up from my elementary school concerts. Brooke’s favorite song was  “Ribbons and bows” . It was this cute little rap about “Ra Ra Ra ribbons and Bows!”

Here she is with her friend Mallory. They are in our ward at church and both go to the same school now and are in third grade. Fun to have someone from church to go to school with.

New House Christmas-2-2

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Lisa said...

I remember when Ryan's 5th grade put on a huge production there for Christmas. It was AMAZING. What a great music department there! So fun for the kids.