{ We Love Hot Chocolate! }

Seriously one of the best parts about winter is drinking hot chocolate. We aren’t too fancy with different flavors, and usually don’t venture out of the norm of just regular hot chocolate with marshmallows-but man do we love it. I filled a clear glass canister with hot chocolate mix, and another one with marshmallows that I keep on the island counter. The kids love to sneak up there and grab handfuls of marshmallows to eat. Ryan has started pointing and grunting until I put a little pile in the table bench for him to eat. It has become our afterschool snack lately. The girls were making chocolate milk mustaches, and Scott had to join right in. He got a case of the giggles that was too cute not to capture.

Scott drinking hot chocolate blog-1


Scott drinking hot chocolate blog-2

Things I want to remember:

  • Scott still was sucking a binkie (his on the table)
  • We have been having to set the stool on top of the counter because Ryan will scoot it to whatever he wants and climb up and make big messes.
  • Lego toy on the floor. We are trying really hard with keeping the majority of the toys upstairs. Scott usually fills his backpack with them and brings them down to play with. I’m sure just out of frame are a big pile of Legos from that day. We have a cupboard in the front room we throw all the random toys downstairs in, but it sure gets full fast.
  • Box on the counter. We get so many boxes for Aaron since he has been called as the bishop. Our poor kids get their hopes up that it’s a package for them, only to be disappointed that “Daddy got another one. He gets all the packages around here.”
  • One of the girls lunch boxes on the island. Yeah! We are working on having them bring it in from the mudroom (mostly because of ants we have here. A whole separate post for sure. They are driving me crazy. I think they are driving our bug guy crazy too-he can’t seem to get rid of them) Glad to see that the girls are learning something I am trying to teach them.
  • Our lovely scratched table. I love that table. It really needs to be sanded down and restained, but I just love it. The kids were looking at it at an angle the other day trying to read things that were etched on it from someone’s writing too hard on a piece of paper.

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