{ Austin Becomes a Deacon and Mother’s Day Weekend }

12 years ago I was due to deliver this cute kid, and my due date landed on Mother’s Day. He ended up coming early, but each year we get excited to look at the calendar and see if Austin’s birthday will fall on Mother’s Day that year. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my special day, than with my oldest son who got the Priesthood.

Austin Deacon and Mothers Day Weekend-1

He is such a great kid-we really couldn’t ask for better. It was pretty neat that as the bishop Aaron got to interview Austin before he received the Priesthood. I know it was a special experience for them both. Both Grandpa Don and Mitch got to stand in on the ordination as Aaron ordained Austin to a deacon, and Mitch recorded down parts of the blessing. It was a very special thing for Austin to be able to have.

Austin Deacon and Mothers Day Weekend-2

We were lucky to have my parents here for the weekend, as well as a surprise visit (my parents didn’t know) from my brother Mitch and sister-in-law Michelli. They have been spending the last view months in South Carolina doing an internship-we feel super lucky to have them so close by. We spent the weekend talking, cooking yummy food (Mitch and Michelli are way better cooks than me), having Mitch teach us how to use our computer better, and relax.

Aaron and I with Austin after church on SundayMomand Dad with Austin Deacon-1

Austin and Grandpa AustinAustin Deacon and Mothers Day Weekend-3

Grandma and Grandpa

Austin Deacon and Mothers Day Weekend-4

Everyone that was there that weekend. We were using our camera timer and tripod, and after the 2nd picture it started raining, so this was going to have to do. I think Abby was pretty much done taking pictures anyways. Okay, and aren’t Mitch and Michelli seriously SO cute! We love you guys so much!

Austin Deacon and Mothers Day Weekend-7

My Mother’s Day picture with my beautiful kids. I LOVE being a mom to these guys!

Austin Deacon and Mothers Day Weekend-5

Our happy little family-plus some crazy kid in the front..oh wait that’s Scott showing his true colors. He was pretty much done with pictures too.

Austin Deacon and Mothers Day Weekend-6

Our men spoiled us with flowers and a big basket of chocolates and treats, and the kids had dozens of homemade cards to make us smile. It felt pretty good being a mom today. Thanks guys for a great weekend!

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