{ Spring Break Playground }

Our spring break this year didn’t involve any fancy vacationing spots or out of town guests-just us.

It was nice.

We had a new swing set that had been gathering dust in our garage since Scott’s birthday in December, and we decided that now was as good a time as any to get that thing put together. We knew from reading the reviews online that is was a beast to assemble, so we were prepared to spend the whole week to put it together.

Aaron got to buy himself a few new fun tools, and we all worked together to build it.

little boys on swingset blog-9

Since then, the boys have been having such a great time playing on it. Ryan can already climb up the rock wall, and they both love going on the glider. One afternoon we were playing and having lunch on the little picnic table below, when Scott started posing and begging for me to take some pictures of them on their new playground. A request for pictures? A request I never pass up.

Little boys on swingset-1

Scott was so funny creating all these great poses he thought of. He would wait for me to snap the picture, and then beg to see the picture, then hurry back to come up with his next pose.

Ryan was happy to just follow him around and then try to pose like Scott was.

little boys on swingset blog-2little boys on swingset blog-3

We call these next few part of the “interpretive” series of his. Gotta love some random twizzles and stuffed cats.Little boys on swingset-6

little boys on swingset blog-7

little boys on swingset blog-5

little boys on swingset blog-4

little boys on swingset blog-10

Ryan loves to sit at the top of the slide and rock himself back and forth. The slide is pretty fast, and he usually ends up flying off the end if we aren’t there to catch him, so I think he has conditioned himself to just sit safely there instead. I love having a swing set (a playground as Scott calls it) again. The kids have missed there old one from our other house, and this was just the thing to make this house seem more like a home for them.little boys on swingset blog-8

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