{ Brianna’s Freshman Year Homecoming Week}

I LOVE Brianna’s school. I feel like anyone that asks me about it, ends up getting an ear full about how much I adore it. One thing that is so fun, is how much school spirit this place has. Everyone here goes above and beyond for school activities-and not just a few people, EVERYONE totally gets into things. Brianna was super excited for the week of homecoming because of all the fun days of dressing up, and of course for the actual homecoming dance that she could go to with her friends.

Nerd vs. Jock Day

It’s so fun to see Brianna blossom as a person, especially because she is so different that how I was growing up. She is so confident of who she is, and is willing to be silly and goofy and laugh at her self. On nerd vs. jock day the kids could choose which side of Columbus they wanted to represent. I think it was just way funner to be a nerd that day. And really..have you seen a cuter nerd?

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Senior Citizen Day

All the dress up days were fun-but this day makes me laugh SO hard. I surprised Brianna with this pretty little beauty of a walker that I picked up at Goodwill. I actually felt a little bit bad about getting it, since there actually might be someone that would need it ( I might have to redonate it back when we are done with the high school years). It was perfect though, matched with a great old nightgown or housedress as we like to call it down here in the south, some curlers, droopy pantyhose, and great matching slippers. She added a pillow in the back (I guess that’s an elderly person characteristic?) and it was so funny to watch her waddle around. Brianna columbus homecoming week elderly day blog-1

Brianna columbus homecoming week elderly day blog-2

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Brianna with Zac and Elizabeth after seminary that morning. You can see the baby powder we put in her hair-a nice gray hair touch. I love all their old people snarls-I’ll have to remember that when I get old. Brianna said there was a kid who had a horn on his walker that day, and they had a slow lane and a fast line in the hallways-so funny! I wished I could have seen it!Brianna's phone homecoming 2012 pictures blog-2

Decades Day

I love to see that our 50’s costume from a few years ago still comes in handy. Here is Brianna and Zac that morning after seminary. I was glad Brianna had her phone that morning because I totally spaced off getting a picture that day. Brianna's phone homecoming 2012 pictures blog-1

Hick vs. Country Club

Totally forgot a picture for this day too, but Brianna dressed up in her cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, and with her hair in braids. She was a pretty cute looking hick. She reminded me of one of the girls from Beverly Hillbillies.

Spirit Day

The thing about Columbus is that it seems that nobody does anything small here-go all out or go home should be their motto. It was funny when I went to pick up some blue hair spray at the store, I saw another kid there trying to explain to his dad what color he needed and for what-I knew he must go to her school too. Brianna wanted to be decked out with blue hair, face paint, school colors-the works. By the end of the day her face was starting to peel, but managed to make it through all that night at the football game. Here are some pictures from her phone with a few of her friends, and others that were showing their school spirit.

Brianna's phone homecoming 2012 pictures blog-3

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Brianna's phone homecoming 2012 pictures blog-5

Brianna's phone homecoming 2012 pictures blog-4

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They ended up losing their football game (not a surprise to them- they aren’t that great) but it was so cool that they didn’t really care-everyone still came all dressed up and with so much school spirit, you would have thought they were the best team in the school district. A great attitude even when you stink-now that’s some amazing school spirit!

The Homecoming Dance

Brianna has let all her middle school dances pass her by without going because she wasn’t 14 yet, but she was counting down until she could go to her first high school dance. She can’t date for 2 more years, but wasn’t going to let that stop her from going and hanging out with her friends there. She was asked by a few boys to go with them as dates, but after a few talks we came up with a great line she could use to politely decline them, still hold her standards, and not hurt their feelings.

We looked everywhere for a modest dress-an almost impossible feat I am finding, but finally found a super cute one. She paid for half of it with her own money, and looked absolutely beautiful in it.

Brianna columbus freshman homecoming dance blog-2

Brianna columbus freshman homecoming dance blog-1

She met a bunch of her girl friends at a restaurant to eat before the dance, and I snapped my token picture before I got the “eye”-and decided that I wouldn’t hang around for group pictures after they were done eating. Side note for years to come-she had to use her own money to eat there that night, (we helped pay for the dress, but dinner was something extra she wanted to go do, so she had to cover it) and when she got home she was starving! Her small salad (the only thing she could afford on the menu-$8 doesn’t go to far, but’s all she had left after she bought her dress) didn’t fill her up too much. NO, I’m not a mean mom, just teaching her what things cost in the world and helping her make decisions. I think she is seeing that going out with friends and doing stuff costs money, and the jobs on her weekly chart are becoming necessary for her “friend” lifestyle. Really fun to see her growing up, but I’m still having a hard time admitting to the fact that I have a high schooler.

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