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The more kids we have, the more I tend to gravitate towards a more simple Halloween every year. Call it a MOM THING. I love theme costumes, and this one was so easy, and super fun! Red shirts, iron on THINGS logos, blue hairspray, and a whole lot of CRAZINESS.

Brooke, Erika, and Abby were so happy that at school they were letting them do the whole COSTUME THING this year. I think the instant those shirts went on, we all became a little more crazy. It must be a STARBUCK THING.

THING 3, 4, and 5 before school with their wild Cindy-Lou-Who kind of hair.

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Our littlest THING


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Ryan has the craziest hair-when I get it wet it almost stands up on it’s own like this without any gel. He thinks it’s funny when we make crazy hair when we brush it in the morning. We added a bit of super gel to make it through the night, and he was obsessed with touchy his pokey hair.

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Scott was my little motivator for getting our costumes done. He would ask me everyday what progress we had made with them, and then tell me that we really needed to get them done. I think I need to hire him to be my personal secretary for all the other stuff I need to get done. I have been holding out on a haircut for him until after Halloween, just so he could have his wild THING hair. He loved it as well, until it started getting too itchy and hard-we had to keep him distracted on the whole CANDY THING so he wouldn’t get too upset about it.

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I think I should have named this one CRAZY THING! She turned into a wild girl today and kept cracking us up with her THING antics. Random jumping on people, crazy eyes, and tongues hanging out are obviously what THINGS do. Dr. Seuss would be so proud.

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Don’t let this sweet little THING fool you. She was just as wild and crazy and her little counter part THING 5. She told us how everyone at school that day thought that she was so cute in her costume. That would tell her that they saw her other THINGS down the hall. Side note for me-she is sporting the whole ONE EARING THING because one ear hole closed up after a TRAMPOLINE ACCIDENT THING, and she is too nervous to go through getting it pierced again. She likes to still change out her one earing though-it cracks me up a bit.

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Brooke is the master of the crazy EYE THING. I think our interpretation of the THINGS is so funny. I kind of imagined just crazy off the wall energetic THINGS, (which we already do really good at our house)that’s at least how they were portrayed in the Cat in the Hat books. The Starbuck version of that has turned a little more crazy and …expressive? Gotta love that THING ATTITUDE!

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My mildest THING…Austin takes some heavy convincing that costumes are a requirement for going trick or treating. This is about the easiest costume there is-I mean really, it’s just like normal clothes. Yet, he still wouldn’t show his true THING colors without a little encouragement from his fellow sister THINGS. And Brooke’s eyes in this picture make me laugh a little too hard.

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She “has crazy eyes!” (Name that kid history episode)

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Yep, we really are claiming all those crazy THINGS running around this place. And boy, do we sure have a great big LOVE THING for those kids! They keep us on our toes, and fill our hearts with a lot of the JOY THING! And that FATHER-he really is the best THING that has happened to me. He has this amazing way of doing the FUN THINGS we need around this place, and yet keeping us so centered on all those other IMPORTANT THINGS. I LOVE THAT THING!!

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Brianna invited her good friend over to man the door for the first hour of trick or treaters for us. She sure is a cute THING!

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Austin’s friend doing the whole scary APE THING and photo-bombing our picture. Thing Family Halloween 2012 blog-40Thing Family Halloween 2012 blog-42

I wonder how many trick or treaters we would have had if we welcomed them all with this crazy bunch of THINGS?Thing Family Halloween 2012 blog-34Thing Family Halloween 2012 blog-35Thing Family Halloween 2012 blog-36

My little THINGS endured the ENDLESS PICTURE THING long enough, and we were finally off to snag some treats. Ryan was happy to ride his new birthday bike, for a while at least. Once he discovered that people were actually giving away candy at the doors, he wanted to be running from house to house with the other kids. I think it’s a TWO YEAR OLD THING. Once he got enough candy to fill his bucket up though, he was happy to keep his bucket in the back of his bike and ride for a while with a sucker in each hand.

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Doing the traditional TRADING CANDY THING and stuffing yourself silly with as much candy as you possibly can the night of HALLOWEEN THING. They know that tomorrow the candy gets rationed out more responsibly.

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After running the door for half of the night, Brianna and her friend went with us for the second part of the neighborhood. It seemed a whole lot better being with all your fellow THINGS, instead of trick or treating by yourself when you’re this old. We put the little boys in the stroller, the MIDDLE GIRL THINGS still ran like crazy from house to house, shelling out some candy to the OLDER SISTER AND FRIEND THINGS, and Austin was still busy getting as much candy and he could with his neighbor friend. I loved staying in our own neighborhood this year, and doing the whole NEIGHBORHOOD SOCIALIZING THING. I just love our neighborhood! It’s the kind where a lot of people just leave a bowl on their door step and people really do just take one piece. We get to talk to each other as we pass on the streets, or meet some of the neighbors we haven’t yet since moving in last year. By the end of the night everyone knew the new family in the neighborhood with all the CRAZY KID THINGS! It was a super fun night.

FUNNY THING TO REMEMBER: Brianna and her friend finding a boy in the neighborhood they knew from FRIEND THING’S SCHOOL, debating about who would ding dong ditch him, and them running off with him screaming out behind them…”Come back! I have CANDY!”

It was a pretty FUNNY THING to end out our crazy fun night.Thing Family Halloween 2012 blog-51

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