{ London Day 2-Buckingham Palace }

One of the things on our bucket list for London was getting to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. There are only certain days that they do it on off season, and Friday around noon was going to be the time during our stay. We had stayed on the bus tour a little longer than we had originally planned, so getting a good seat to watch was kind of out of the question. We decided with only four of us (instead of our regular 9) we should be able to squeeze in anywhere. I think about 500 other people thought the same thing as well, because when we got there it was PACKED! The friendly city constables were trying their hardest to keep everyone off the streets that they had blocked off for the parade of soldiers trading places.

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We finally landed a spot right up next to the fences, and managed to get a peek at the gray coats coming on for duty, and the red coats leaving after their long shift of guarding the palace.

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My cute girl trying her best to stay warm.


After the changing of the guard, we took a walk through St. James park. It was nice to see some flowers in bloom amidst the cold weather-it made it seem a little more like spring for us.


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