{ London Day 2-The Tower of London }

After our walk through St. James Park, we headed over to the Westminster area to catch a boat for a cruise on the Thames river. Another activity that involved being in a warm area-lots of smiles about that one. We passed by some of our favorite sites like the London Eye and the Tower bridge on our way to see the Tower of London.


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Right inside the gate of the Tower of London is where the entertaining Beefeater tour begins. Our guide walked us through the main parts of the old fortress telling us funny stories, and letting his bold sense of humor shine through. I think his direct and rather blunt mention of how he doesn’t like kids had Austin’s attention. He wasn’t sure whether he should believe him or not for awhile. He was quite entertaining to follow around.

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I loved this small corner inside the fortress walls with it’s rows of timber houses. It had a kind of German feel to me, and seemed so quaint and quiet. It made me excited for our trip to Germany a few days later.


And of course I found some blue doors that I loved. They matched well my favorite bridge.


Austin and Brianna really wanted to try and make the guard break out and laugh, but after seeing his gun/musket/sharp thingy on the end/weapon we decided we better respect his territory and let him do his duty. He was stationed right outside the building which housed the Crown Jewels.


No camera inside for the crown jewels, so I quick security camera shot will have to do. We had to wait almost an hour to get inside, but it was well worth the wait. Those are some amazing jewels. They had them encased in glass with a moving sidewalk along side of them to keep things moving, but we were able to go around on it 3 or 4 times. I think towards the end we were just buying time until we had to go back out into the cold.

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Some history reenactments to entertain us…

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When we came out of touring the North towers, we were wandering down for a closer view of the bridge when we noticed some random little white things floating through the air. SNOW! It made me feel a little bit better that we were not exaggerating how cold it was-definitely cold enough to snow. We tried to catch a few in Brianna’s hair…


…and a few on our tongues-because that’s just what crazy Georgia people-who-never-see-snow do at even the slightest snow flurry.


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