{ A Weekend Trip To Panama City Florida }

A lot of times it’s that planning part of a family trip that is as much fun as the actual trip. This little weekend trip down to the coast was all about the planning for the two little boys. We spent the day before running around gathering all of our new summer supplies. New swimsuits and swim shirts for the boys-check, new swimsuits for the girls-check, new goggles for some people-check, new buckets and shovels-check, sunscreen-check, lots of treats to bring with us-check.

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When we got home the boys wanted to try on their swimsuits right away, and basically stayed in them for the whole next day because they were so excited. Scott made sure that there were matching shovels and buckets for everyone and made sure that when the girls came home from school they knew EXACTLY who’s was who’s.

Panama City Trip blog-2   Panama City Trip blog-3 Panama City Trip blog-4Panama City Trip blog-5The new goggles I think were the biggest hit with these two. They wore them almost day and night as part of their “super hero” outfit. Yep, pretty much worth every penny for the time it kept these two occupied. Panama City Trip blog-7Panama City Trip blog-8Panama City Trip blog-6

I think the part I liked best about all of this preparation business is that I was at home where my camera was! Yes, once again amidst all the hustle and bustle of getting out the door for a trip I forgot my camera. I seriously was never this bad before! This is the 3rd or 4th time that I have forgotten it for a big trip. I think my new strategy is going to be to just wear my camera bag on my back until I actually get into the car.

Despite my super bad memory to bring my camera, Aaron at least had his iPad and phone (which didn’t help much-I’ll explain) so we were able to get a few pictures of the weekend. The weekend trip was part of the Family Medicine Residency getaway at the hospital. Since Aaron is back on the staff working with them instead of other clinics we got to go with them too. Even though we have made some trips to the beach ,we haven’t been to Panama City since we were down there with our own residency class 6 or 7 years ago, so it was fun to relive some old memories at the same condos we stayed in before.

Brianna and Austin needed to go to school on Friday since they had missed all the days they could for our Europe trip, but Aaron and the other kids headed down on Thursday night. They got there in time to swim and get settled into the condo. After school on Friday Brianna, Austin, and one of Brianna’s friends Ashleigh and I all packed up and drove the 3 1/2 hours down to the gulf. It was about 1 1/2 hours in that I realized that I had forgotten my camera, and was this close to turning back around and getting it, but decided against it. After seeing all the fun the kids were having on the beach and saying in my mind, “Oh this would be the perfect picture!” I kind of wish I would have made the kids suffer the trip back home to get it.

We pulled in late that night, but with enough time for the kids to take a quick dip in the pool, and then get themselves set up for a night of staying up late movie watching, eating treats, and talking. Since we don’t do sleep overs at our house, it was a pretty big deal for Brianna to get to hang out with her friend all night long giggling and having fun. All 5 of those girls were in one room, and by midnight I just closed the door to drown out the sound and crashed in our room.

All day on Friday while we were still at home Aaron took the kids swimming and let them enjoy some time with dad all to themselves. At one time during the day, he took the bigger girls down to swim and just had his street clothes on. He picked up Brooke to throw her in the pool, and as he did his phone got pulled off of his belt case and fell into the pool. It took him a second to comprehend that that the phone he was seeing float to the bottom of the pool was actually his phone. It is one of those slow motion moments we all see in the movies, but never get the pleasure of actually experiencing. Yeah, we were lucky enough to get to experience that. One of the other residents suggested he put it in a bowl of rice, so he luckily went to the store and bought some rice to put it in just in time, but for the rest of the trip his phone  was done. I think we both felt like we had two strikes against us for picture taking this weekend! Good thing we still had his iPad around to snap a few pictures while we were there.

Our view from our resort balcony. The building to the left is where we had stayed with our friends the Lundells in years past. Good memories of our now 14 and 13 and 10 year olds who were only 5, 4, and 1 that first year eating messy ice cream bars on the balcony, and swimming non stop in the pool.

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Ryan enjoying his probably fourth bowl of Coco Puffs. Anything goes for vacation around this place, including the abandonment of the two meal limit for cereal. I love vacation!

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I promise Brooke, Erika, and Abby you were there even though your forgetful mom didn’t bring her camera to document it. You had fun playing in the sand, running in the ocean, but probably swimming in the pool the most. You lived in your swimsuits for three days, ate treat cereal, watched the Disney channel non-stop, and enjoyed the nice hot sun! It was a fun weekend.

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