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In my ongoing efforts to keep General Conference fun and lively around this place, we decided to make the theme for this go around revolve all around social media. We still printed out packets for everyone (because when I don’t I hear a lot of complaints from everyone-okay maybe not Austin, he’s a “listen” kind of guy), but in addition to that we had these four containers set up on the table.

Fall General Conference 2013 blog-13

Everyone got their own pack of sticky notes-that in and of itself was excitement enough for some, and then they could choose to write or draw something for one of the containers.

Facebook-A question about one of the talks. The church uses Facebook a lot these days as a great missionary tool to answer questions that people may have about the church and Jesus Christ.

Twitter-A statement (140 characters or less or course) about one of the talks.

Pinterest-Something that one of the speakers talked about that they wanted you to try and do in your life.

Instagram-A picture that they drew about something that was talked about. You can see that this jar is packed full! This was only after the first session-Scott and Ryan were our top Instagramers for this General Conference.

At the end of all the sessions on Sunday we went through the questions/pictures/statements and people took turns answering them for some additional treats. We also had some big family treats that we would open up for each of the 12 apostles and First Presidency. We tried to make them match up-like treat bread for Elder “Breadnar” (Bednar).Ha Ha!  Aren’t we so clever? It did keep things lively though. Even Mitch, was one of the first ones to run to the kitchen and see which treat was up when a new speaker spoke.

Ryan was completely into the first session. He would carefully draw out his little pictures for the jars, and had his packet almost all the way colored after about 30 minutes.

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Aaron’s parents came to visit for the week leading up to conference-fun to get to have your Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle come to watch the Priesthood session with you Austin. From left to right-my brother Mitch (we missed my sister-in-law Michelli who was in Brazil visiting family), Grandad Starbuck-Aaron’s dad, Aaron, and Austin.

Fall General Conference 2013 blog-12

We made crepes on Sunday morning for our special conference breakfast, ate way too many yummy treats all weekend long, and had a lot of crazy conference fun! It was a fun weekend to share with extended family around.

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