{ Super Hero Halloween }

I feel like some days you got it, and some days you don’t.

Halloween this year was one of those “don’t got it” days. Scott and Ryan have been planning their costumes for weeks-well, mostly Scott was doing to grand planning for them both and Ryan just smiles and happily agrees to his plans. As for the girls they pulled out the witch costumes from a few years ago, didn’t want pictures, and were well overdue to go out trick or treating by the time Aaron came home from work. We took a few pictures of the little boys since they were really the most excited and called it good.

That being said, I am so glad I stopped and took the time to take a few pictures, this first one really is so cute to me. I  love to remember this time in their life. They are not only partners in crime crime-fighting, they are the best of buds. They tell each other all the time, “You are my best friend!” I love to hear that!

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-1

Show me those superhero stances boys!

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-2

And just ONE picture with your eyes open Scott! This was not by accident-that little stinker thinks it’s so funny to close his eyes on purpose the minute I get ready to snap a picture. Maybe this superhero is just a little camera shy?

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-3

Okay, maybe this one? Nope, no such luck.

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-4

Yeah! I snuck one in!

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-5

“Okay, back to business mom, I‘ve got to be serious if I am going to fight those bad guys.”

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-8

Superman Scott-Age 4

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-6

Batman Ryan-Age 3

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-7

“Last chance for a smile mom, before I go save the world…and load up on some treats”

Superman and Batman Halloween blog-9

These two little ones were RUNNING (especially Ryan) from house to house the first half dozen or so. I thought, “What a difference from last year”! I was quickly brought back to reality when Ryan slowed down his trick or treating pace and was begging to be carried. We had to beg him to go just a few more houses just so we could keep caught up with the big girls. We ended up convincing him to make it around the rest of the neighborhood, had fun talking to some of our neighbors we don’t see as often, and enjoying plenty of treats along the way. Happy Halloween!

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