{ Seven For Sunday-Mother’s Day Thoughts }

I need to do a whole separate post for Mother’s Day, but thought I would jot down a few thoughts lately about my great kids since they were the ones that made me a mother in the first place. These “Seven for Sundays are suppose to be brief snippets, but I am realizing that these are pretty lengthy today-I guess I had a lot of great thoughts about these kids of mine, and the little things they have done lately.

1. Brianna has been really studying hard for her two AP exams at school, and has been pretty stressed about them. On Friday she had her first one and needed to be at school extra early. Aaron was working on inpatient the whole week so I had been taking Brianna to seminary. That morning our schedule was a little crazier than usual. The rest of the week I had been leaving at 6:40am, taking her to the church for seminary, going back and picking up the girls to take them to school and then getting back before 8 so Austin could catch the bus. This morning I needed to leave with Brianna and all of the girls to get her to school by 7:30am, then the girls to school before 8am. We then drove back home to get Austin and take him to breakfast at Chic-filet for his birthday breakfast. The kids had done scripture time on their own because Aaron had left early and I had slept in because I was up during the night with Ethan. When I came out the kids were all ready, lunches made, Brianna had done the girls hair, and they were all ready to go. The whole drive down to the school Brianna was reminding herself of “one last thing” she would need to know for her test and looking over her flashcards one last time. She was really nervous-I asked if she had a pencil “Yes, I had seventeen of them.”-SO nervous!. As she got out of the car the girls all shouted out last minute encouragements to her. It made my heart swell with love for these kids-I love families, and there in front of her high school I was reminded of what a special thing that is.

2. We talk A LOT at our house. We just do. All of my kids have gotten remarks on their report cards that they talk too much. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. We are just big talkers-as you can tell from some of my very lengthy posts. I have inherited the “talking gene” from my dad, and all of my kids have inherited it from me. A few weeks ago Brianna was telling us at dinner about how so many of her friends and kids at school don’t eat dinner together-they either eat alone in their bedroom (what?) or in front of the TV, but not together as a family. One friend mentioned that she only eats with her parents at Christmas and Easter, and it’s really awkward and hard to even talk with them. It made me so sad for her, and then Brianna says, “That is really sad. I just like our family so much.” (Like= more than a “I liked your Instagram picture, but in a higher plane than even love-it’s a crazy teenager thing) I “like” our family too and so glad that we talk so much and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Last night Brooke and Erika thought it would be a great idea to draw mustaches, goatees, and really bushy unibrows on themselves with permanent marker. Yes, permanent marker. It was kind of like an early mother’s day present to me-you know getting to walk into church with all my lovely kids perfectly dressed trailing behind me-WITH MARKER MUSTACHES on. Yea for me. Luckily, that permanent part only seems to work on paper and walls, not on faces. I was in between trying to look all mad and serious like and wanting to burst out laughing. I held my laughter in enough so the little boys wouldn’t see me-we are having major issues with them drawing on stuff. Like pen on the cloth dining room chairs and other furniture and walls. It makes my head spin sometimes. Hence-no pictures of this little mustache incident-we couldn’t applaud such “naughty” behavior. (though I am pretty sure that if that permanent marker had really carried through on it’s promise the embarrassment for them would have been punishment enough)

4.Ethan is really a good baby. He is starting to sleep good at night. He will go to sleep around 9:30-10:00pm and sleep most nights until 3am. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get myself to bed that early to actually take advantage of those sleeping hours.

5. Abby got her own set of scriptures for her birthday. She loves those things. She carries them around just waiting for a chance to read them and then makes little lists of the things that she has read and what she wants to read the next day. It’s definitely one of those proud mama moments I dream of.

6. Aaron and I took Austin out to eat at Red Lobster for his birthday on Friday. It was fun hanging out-just the three of us. We laughed at the Scott-look-alike waiter, ate until we were stuffed, and then Aaron took him and Brianna and her friend Ashleigh to a late movie. I went home and let the other kids watch a movie for movie night and then got them to bed. Before we had movie night I reminded the girls to read their scriptures for the day, and since I had already read mine, I took the boys up to the playroom to watch PBSkids for their “movie night”. I basically fell asleep on the couch with Ethan. At almost midnight we went downstairs to bed (the boys wanted to sleep on our floor and at midnight I wasn’t in the mood for a fight) I was getting their blankets ready and Scott is looking around for their kids scripture picture book. I was SO tired and really just wanted to go to bed. Scott continues to look, and I continue to just be tired. He finally says, “Where is our scripture book? Dad says we have to read everyday.” It’s crazy how fast a five year old can humble you. We find it and both boys climb up on my bed for a late night read. The next day when Aaron asked Scott to go get the book and what story we were on, Scott turned to it and told him back the whole story. I wanted to tear up right there-what an example this kid is to me on being diligent.

7. Every day for school Erika has to have a paper initialed for her behavior the day before. If the behavior was good then you get a little sticker. We are usually not on top of it to sign it the night before, so it’s a sign-in-the-car-on-the-way-to-school-at-the-stoplight kind of thing. She had it out and was talking about it to Brooke. Erika was mentioning how she had gotten all stickers this nine weeks and how a girl in her class had gotten stickers all year long. Brooke asked, “So what do you get for it?” Erika responded,”You get a happy mom, and a happy life!” Yes, happy moms make for a happy life.

8. A while ago I was talking to Scott at lunch and he was completely ignoring what I was saying to him. I was getting a little huffy at his complete defiance for what I was trying to tell him. He finally turns to me and in his sassy little voice says, “I was imaging that your voice was invisible.” Nice.

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