Happy Birthday Austin

Austin 9 years old 1

Turning 9 for Austin seems to have crept up on us. Brianna said, “It seems like he has been 9 for awhile, not 8.” I guess he is mature beyond his years. Here are a few things about Austin at 9:

  • Austin is one of the most easy going people I know. He reminds me of this each night when I say what we are having for dinner and he reply, “That sounds good.” I could say mud with worms and he would say, I’ll try it.
  • He loves to climb trees.
  • He loves playing outside. If he doesn’t get outside at least once a day to play he tends to have withdrawal symptoms. He was a little sick a week ago and that night had his last soccer game. He said he was feeling better so I agreed to let him play. After the game I asked if he felt tokay. He said,”Oh yeah. I feel much better. I think I was sick because I had been inside for too long. I just needed some fresh air.”
  • He likes to read (Notice he loves to play outside and just likes to read. When he is in the mood he really enjoys it).
  • He is a collector of things. He had jars full of little treasures he had collected. Every time I do the laundry his pockets are always full of little things he has found.
  • He has earned his Wolf award in Cub Scouts.
  • He can stand on his bike seat while riding his bike.
  • He loves to eat broccoli.
  • He gives the best hugs.
  • He loves his little brother so much!!!
  • He plays soccer goalie.
  • He goes barefoot almost all the time. He comes home from school and his shoes immediately come off and don’t come back on until the next morning when he goes back to school.
  • He read the whole Book of Mormon this last year by himself


Anonymous said...

you are the most amazing mom ever. I hope you had a special day yesterday. I thought about you on the 1st of April when I was telling my friend Camille about you, and how you pulled the best prank ever. Dewe Cheetah and Howe! i miss you. Sounds like everything is going well if you get a few minute and can call please do. Any trips planned to ut? I would love to see your new little ones:) Love you Mo. Also I need you to come take my family pictures. You are amazing. Love your style I would change NOTHING!

Jessica said...

This is Jessica Minogue!! (Remember me?!) Well, we might be back to Benning by the end of the summer at the latest! Time will tell!

Chrystina said...

Love that pic of him Monae!! I am so proud of him reading the BoM!! What a man! What an accomplishment!

The Simon Family said...

Happy belated birthday Austin! Wow...big nine. Love the photo; what a handsome young man. :)