Maybe a few too many fairytales around here

We have been in toad heaven here lately. The kids have caught a couple and made a home for them in the wagon complete with mud, a leaf shaded porch, and a swimming pool. They usually have someone on lookout for when one decides to jump ship and then they all run after him frantically trying to catch him again.


So, the other day we were driving in the car and Erika and I had a cute little conversation.

Mom, what’s a toad?

Erika, you know what a toad is.

Oh yeah, it’s like a frog. Well, I can’t marry a frog because the “Marryier-incharger [person]” will get mad. I can only marry a person.

I guess we won’t be kissing any toads in hopes a finding our prince charming anytime soon. It’s good to know she was at least keeping her options open though.

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