Summer Points Kickoff

My windows are clean and shiny, my coffee table in polished to perfection, my laundry in folded and put away, beds are made, rooms are picked up, dishes are done, kids are quietly reading books. Ah, it must be summer points time again. Lisa, I would be an ungrateful friends if I didn't thank you again for this genius idea. My kids love summer points time, and by the looks of my house, I quite enjoy it too.
Summer points is a novel idea where the kids gets points for doing chores, reading books, helping out, having good manners, being nice to each other, working on Scout awards, and anything else I can think for them to earn points.
They can then spend their points on various rewards like earning wii playing time, watching tv, inviting a friend over to play, a pick of restuarant to go out to eat, earning special time with mom and dad, etc. They have been busily working around the house accumulating points and making grand plans for how they are going to spend them. The best part of it is not once have I heard the dreaded phrase, "I'm bored!"

I love summer point season!


Libby said...

Ooh. I like that idea! We've really been slacking lately on the kid chores and want to get a good system going for the summer. I think I will try that!

The Simon Family said...

Thanks for posting this idea! I'm trying it out this Summer! :)

Chrystina said...

No, thank you for sharing!! I am so there!