Major Dad

On Thursday afternoon Aaron pinned on the rank of Major. We were explaining all the details to the kids  in preparation for us all going to the hospital for the ceremony-how in the military there are various ranks and people show respect by saluting others of a different and higher rank. Erika and Abby took this to heart and with the utmost seriousness practiced their own show of respect. On Wednesday evening during Activity Days Erika led Abby around the gym, both standing tall as could be with their right hand in the saluting position on their heads. They would march for awhile and then stop, turn forward, and say, “Yes sir, Major Dad” It was quite cute. A couple weeks after the ceremony we were at the hospital with Brianna for an  appointment and upon exiting the building a gentlemen passed by Aaron and saluted him while saying, “Sir”. Brianna burst out in giggles, wide eyed in amazement, “Dad, did you hear that? (more giggles) He just saluted you!” Who knew your dear old dad got so much respect. We are very proud of you Aaron. You definitely have the respect of all our hearts. We love you!Aaron promotion blog


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Congatulations! :)

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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Congratulations Aaron!! You ROCK!! I love the title.