Scott at 6 months old

 Scott 6 months


6 Months has already come and gone, and our little Scotty is getting so big. Here are some things that he is up to at .5 years old.

  • He is such a happy boy. It doesn’t take much to made him smile.
  • He is ticklish almost anywhere, and the kids love to tickle him.
  • He just started really laughing and it is almost contagious. One giggle and we all are laughing.
  • When he gets really happy he smiles with his tongue sticking out
  • When we  start saying his name and laughing like we are going to tickle him, and he gets so excited and kicks his little legs, and holds his arms tight against his sides like he knows what’s coming.
  • He loves baby food! He will eat almost anything we feed him, but his favorites include: sweet potatoes, squash,  yogurt, pears, fruiti tuti desert, apples and blueberries, green beans, and baby cereal but only if it’s mixed with fruit, not formula
  • He will take a bottle if he has to. He usually has one every few days, and mommy’s milk the rest of the time.
  • Sometimes when he eats he likes to bite down on the spoon and clench his fists. It’s just like what Erika would do when she would eat ice cream and have a brain freeze.
  • He can sit up on his own. He doesn’t really need the bumbo anymore, and most times he just tries to climb out of it.
  • When he is in his bouncy seat he tries to do the flip around and climb out. Most times we forget to buckle him in, so we look over and he is squirming his way out.
  • He can roll over to get almost whatever he wants, but no signs of crawling yet.
  • He is very content to just lay on the blanket and play with a couple toys. I forgot how fun this age is. Happy, but not really mobile yet, though the kids were playing a game the other day and he found his way to a card and started chewing on it. When he figures out this crawling thing we will have to move all games up to the big table again.
  • He loves to stand up and play in his exersaucer, but especially if his feet touch so he can kick and make himself bounce up and down. I’m sure he would love a Johnny Jumper, but I have visions of him becoming a human slingshot with help from his bigger siblings- so sorry bud, no Johnny Jumper.
  • He love to do daddy flips and be upside down. Abby hated this, and still does, but he loves it. He folds his arms like he is saying his prayers and looks like a little opossum hanging there.
  • He loves bath time. He is finally big enough to sit in the big tub without his little bathtub seat, and he love it. He concentrates so hard to splash and loves to suck on the water on his hands.
  • He takes a binkie, but sucks on his one pointer finger just for fun. Sometimes he will suck on two fingers, and Brooke will proudly announce that she taught him that.
  • He still has his cranky time at night at 9:30pm. He only likes to be walked around (in the Baby Bjorn most of the time) . We will get him calm and go to sit down and he instantly gets sad again. He has to be carried or held by someone standing up. Aaron jokes he must be worried about being short when he grows up, so he always wants to be up tall. Doesn’t he know Austin always wanted a midget for a brother?
  • He still wakes up a lot in the night to eat and cuddle. Most nights he ends up in our bed.
  • We officially moved Abby out of the crib and him in it from the port a crib, so tonight is his first night in his new crib. Maybe we will get lucky and he will sleep through the night. I can only hope. I have been spoiled and haven’t had such a bad sleeper since Brianna. I am a little out of practice , and this every couple of hours thing is killing me. Hopefully being in the other room will help solve that.
  • He sleeps on his tummy- head faced planted in the bed. We lay him on his back, but he always rolls over and sleeps this way. We couldn’t figure out why he would want to sleep like this, face in the mattress, until it dawned on us one day that he spent a lot of his first few months being carried around in the Baby Bjorn and he would fall asleep against our chest faced planted. He would feel safe and cozy, and so now he just does it on his own in his bed. He woke up from his nap the other day with hands prints on his face. Poor little guy.
  • When he gets sad he says,”Dada dada” over and over. It’s so cute, but he only does it when he is hurt or sad, so it’s a bit bitter sweet when we hear it.
  • He still has a little bit of his red  angel kiss mark on his forehead between his eyes.
  • His fingernails grow so fast. I don’t think any of our other kids have had nails like his. I have to cut them every other day because he is learning to grab and boy do those things hurt!
  • He is in the drooling phase now, but no teeth in sight.
  • He has blue eyes.
  • He just got his first haircut-and he looks so handsome!

Scott haircut lookingScott haircut by windowScott haircut tongue out Scott haircut tilt


Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

Monae he looks so good with his haircut, at least you have his little curls Andrew lost the bag with Ashton's blonde curls, so sad. I just read your Staycation loved that wonderful idea how creative. I have that magazine and I love the website so many wonderful ideas.

The Simon Family said...

Scott is such a handsome little fella! :) It's so fun to follow your family and watch them grow via your blog!

Chrystina said...

He is a cutie!! What a personality he has at 6 months! What a little man you have there.

The Soto Crew said...

this little guy just melts my heart!! SO cute.