Scott’s First Haircut

Even as I am looking at these pictures I am having a hard time accepting the fact that my little baby is getting older.  Scott getting his first haircut has been a long time in coming. He was born with so much hair, that he almost needed a haircut the day he arrived. However, we were all too in love with his little curls to actually take any action and cut it.  The girls loved styling his hair for hours each day; dad loved having another boy in the house with curls like him.; and we all just loved that carefree baby wildness it had. It could be all messy and crazy and he still looked adorable. So, we kept putting it off and putting it off.

When Austin was born he had no hair, and didn’t need a haircut until well after his first birthday. At that time it seemed appropriate as he was getting to be a big boy. With Scott, now he just looks like a big boy, but he is ONLY 6 months old. And still at the same time he is ALREADY 6 months old. The time seems to be flying and I don’t think I am ready for that big boy stuff quite yet.

After looking at a home movie we had made of him from last week, and I saw how wild his hair looked, it was a lot easier to accept that this hairstyle is much more fitting for him.  The kids all think that he looks like a different little boy. They keep saying, “He looks like Austin!” I think his face looks more like Erika or Brooke when they were that age. We have noticed that Scott and Erika have similar hair. They were both born with dark black hair (Scott with a lot more than Erika), and then it started turning blond. Since we cut Scott’s hair it looks a lot lighter now that all the black curls are out of the way. I think it will take some getting used to, but I think overall it was a very memorable way to spend one’s half birthday. 

 Scott haircut 1 Scott haircut 2

  • Did he like getting his hair cut?, NO!
  • Did he sit still, NO!
  • Is it  perfectly straight where it should be, NO!
  • Did it help his cowlick to lay down in back, NO!
  • Am I having a little “haircutter’s remorse”, YES!
  • Does it make me sad that I only have a little baggie full of his curls to remember his soft baby fine hair,YES!
  • Are we going to miss the Faux hawk and Elvis hair dos, YES!
  • Are the girls all going to miss brushing his long curls, YES!
  • Does his hair look nicer, YES! YES! YES!

Scott haircut new hair

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Lisa said...

It looks adorable!!!! I love it, especially all sticking up in front. So cute.