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It seems lately that every post I write about Scott involves food and him making a mess. I promise I do actually supervise my children, but making messes and food are what his life is all about at 18 months.

Abby had come to me one afternoon and asked if she could have “butter on a spoon”. Who doesn’t love nice creamy peanut butter to snack on?, so I quickly agreed. She insisted she could get it herself, so I let her go on her way. We keep our 3lb. tub of peanut butter (we go through a LOT of peanut butter around this place) in the pantry on a higher shelf, but one that Abby can still reach. A few minutes later, Abby was at the table with her spoon of “butter” happily enjoying her snack.

As the next few moments went by, I realized that Scott was rather quiet. His normal reaction to seeing Abby at the table with peanut butter would be constant grunting until someone comes and gets him some too. I venture into pantry to find him elbow deep in the peanut butter jar. I tried to run fast, but not too fast as the alarm him, and grabbed my camera. I tried to snap as many as I could before he came after me with those sticky little hands wanting to see himself on the camera.

Scott pb 1  Scott pb 2  Scott pb 3  Scott pb 4  

Then to top it off, he did his little Scotty thing when gets really excited and his hands go straight to the hair. He has this innate reaction to any of the words, “hands up (straight to the hair), hold still (straight to the hair), just a minute while mommy gets a towel (straight to the hair) saying nothing so as to sneak up on him with a towel (straight to the hair). Needless to say we enjoyed a nice afternoon swim in the tub with lots and lots of shampoo.

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Lisa said...

Too funny. Cute cute pictures.