{ Brianna’s Golden Birthday }

12 years! How in the world can twelve years have passed by so quickly? This year was Brianna’s 12th and “Golden Birthday”. We pondered about what would be fun, but not too childish for her. We finally decided on a fun Charlie and the Chocolate factory party with GOLDEN tickets and lots of chocolate fun. We made these cute golden tickets that everyone got at breakfast the day before, and we watched the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the night before for movie night just to get us in that chocolatey mood.

Brianna's birthday invitation blog

All the presents were neatly wrapped in yellow wrapping paper, yellow balloons everywhere, and Wonka style games set up throughout the house. The kids were so excited! And afterwards we were are full of candy. A Wonka party wouldn’t be a Wonka party without lots of treats. Here’s the run down of our fun day in Brianna’s own words:

“Then we did Golden Egg Game. We had this bag of balloons on the fan in the living room and we pulled the string and we had to pop the balloons to try and find a piece of paper inside that said it was a good egg. If we found one than we were able to go to the candy store and get a big box of Gobstoppers, Mike Ikes, Starbursts, Nerds, or Sweet Tarts. I got Mike Ikes. Then we went to the inventing room. There we made my cake.  After we put everything to make my cake and it was in the oven we went to the candy store again and we got another big treat. Then we went to the Tasting Room. We had to taste these things and than write them down. The fist one was Sugar. Than Cinnamy thing. Than Salt. Than this K9 (cayenne pepper) stuff.  After we about washed our mouths about 20 million times we went to the candy store. This time we got fun dip. After the candy store we went to the Fizzy Drink Room. We drank these tiny Twist Ups and than we had a burping contest. Of course Austin won. Than we went to the candy Store and got Laffy Taffies. After that my mom was on the phone forever so we had a contest with the remaining "Golden Eggs." We had to try and throw all of the eggs to the other person's side and try to keep them over there for 1 minute. Who ever has the most eggs on their side lost. Finally my mom got off the phone so we were able to open presents. I got a whole bunch of clothes. After I opened the presents we went to the Chocolate River. Here we had two teams who had to drink all of the chocolate milk out of the bowl and try to sink the ship with straws. My team won. After that we went to the Candy Store for the last time. We got sugar in the straws. After that we went to see Karate Kid at the theater( her, Austin, and daddy).”

It is so fun to see how Brianna has changed over these last few years. Her cute little personality is shining through. Watching her open her presents showed exactly that. She is spunky and fun, and still gets excited over little things. I love that!

Brianna with presents blog

Brianna with  presents wild hair blog 

She mostly wanted clothes this year, but we surprised her with one “Golden” present she wasn’t expecting. A few years ago for her birthday she got a pearl that they harvested when we went to Sea World. It has a really tiny opening to thread a necklace through, and the only cheap one we had, had since broken. We splurged and got her a really nice one for her to wear. She was so surprised and it has been so fun to watch her wear it with such care and be so delicate with it.  I love these pictures, with Austin right there beside her as excited as she is. There are still close, and it is such a joy to see them play and interact. Even when they sneak in each other’s room at night to read books together when they are suppose to be sleeping!=)

       Brianna opening necklace 1 blog     Brianna opening necklace 2 blog     Brianna opening necklace 3 blog

Every birthday our kids receive a birthday book. Since, Christmas when one of Brianna’s friends got a cooking book to fill out with her mom, Brianna has been hinting she wants one too. Her birthday seemed the perfect opportunity for it. Thanks Lisa for such a fun and cute idea. She got a binder to write down recipes in that we cook together and some new bowls and spoons.

 Brianna with birthday book blog 

Brianna with new bowls blog 

After she opened all of her presents she wanted to have a fashion show and have me take pictures so she could remember what outfits go together. Very fun when your 12! As you can tell we were hurting in the Sunday wear department this year. She has shot up in height so much that most of her skirts were too short now.

Brianna outfits blog

Brianna with birthday cake blog

Happy 12th birthday BB, we love you so much!!


The Crew said...

i LOVE the surprised face pictures! so awesome. You are SO blessed to have her. She is just beautiful Happy birthday to her! and PS- I was completely NOT surprised that Aaron was called to be bishop:) What great things will come your way the next while. My pictures are getting better! thanks for the inspiration and miss you!

The Simon Family said...

12?! Where did the time go? What a beautiful girl you are, both inside and out! Happy (belated) birthday!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Love this girl :) I'm glad she's twelve so she could be a Beehive with us! She is such a joy to be around. Thank you for all you have helped her become.

Lisa said...

So fun. Katie and I love all the outfit pictures. Clothes are what Katie likes these days too! Happy Birthday Brianna. (Love the white jean jacket.)