{ Baby Talk }

Since Ryan has been born, Erika and Brooke have had these fun little “talk” sessions with Ryan. They are usually in the car while we are driving or at home after school while he is in his bouncy seat. This was one that I overheard Brooke having with him the other day.

“So,today we are going to talk about things that are hard to do. Do you have things that are hard to do? Like say you are sitting here and you drop your binkie down, now that would be something hard. You might be crying and you can’t reach it. That would be difficult. But, we would just help you and work through it.”

She was as serious as could be, and he just sat there looking at her just as serious with a nice intent look on his face.Erika holding Ryan blog

Erika, kept Ryan company in the car on a drive home from church tonight, and here is the little conversation they had.

“Ryan, now I am going to tell you, that if you want to be happy, you just have to do right things. So, if you want to be happy you just need to listen to mommy and daddy, and just do what they say. You have to keep the commandments, and just do the right thing. That will make you be happy. Okay?”

Those are just the little pep talks I need my girls to give…Obey your mom and dad! All together now..”Obey, your mom and dad” Love it!

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Lisa said...

Cute! I wish I wrote down more of what my kids say. I love it!!