{ Consumer Reports: Excersaucer Gets Rave Reviews From 3 Month Old }

Associated Press/Starbuck Office February 15 Even reviews from our smallest customers are brought to our attention and passed on to you the consumer for evaluation. Here is our latest from a 3 month old who lives near the Starbuck office in Georgia. He writes:

I wanted to let you know my latest review of the “round-saucer-O-fun” commonly know to others as the Exersaucer-so named I am assuming for the amount of exercise time a young baby as myself could gain from such a toy. My overall rating would be a high 4 stars. There is so much to this toy, and I would have giving it 5 starts, but as you will read there are some concerns I have with this product. Here is my in depth review.

Color: Definitely a plus for this product. It really had me hooked. Literally, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this thing. The bright reds, yellows, and blues were absolutely captivating for a child even as young as myself. There were times my mom was worried I wouldn’t even blink, the colors were that alluring. Good job Evenflow company, you have that color thing down.

Ryan drool blog

Toys: The selection of toys offered on this particular model were a plus. This little round push button thingy was top notch. Even a hand eye coordination novice as myself was able to figure it out with minor assistance from an older sibling. Those squeaky sounds it puts out are the BOMB!

Ryan in standing toy 2 blog

Ease of Use: Though some toys were easy to figure out, I will admit that there were some that left me at a loss for words.

Ryan in standing toy blog

I tried as best I could to figure it out. 

Ryan looking at toy blog

I even stared it down. Nothing.

Ryan staring at toy blog

Hmm, that’s weird, a toy that doesn’t do anything. Very interesting. I’ll have to think on that one. I concluded that the ambiguity of it was just too much for a baby toy, and thus the loss in the five star rating. Sorry, Evenflow, but us Starbuck’s we’re all about stars you know, we gotta be careful how we give ‘em out. We can’t just be handin’ out stars for non essential added toys now can we.

Ryan deep thinking blog

Exercise Factor: This one definitely got my thighs burning. Those plump little legs of mine were jumping all around. It was enough to make me want to eat every two hours instead of three! The great cardio workout was not lost on me with this one. It kept me alert, awake, and always shaking.

Ryan excited in exersaucer blog Overall: At the end of the day I would say that this toy makes me happy. I giggle, I smile..

Ryan smiling blog

..I might even jump for joy it’s so fun because that’s just the kind of guy I am. Happy go lucky.

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