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We are so in love with Ryan and all his little baby chub! We usually make little petite Starbuck babies, but this guy has such cute rolls that we can’t get enough of. I didn’t realize until looking back at pictures how he has started to lose that newborn baby look and has taken on a look of his own. In Erika’s words, “Ryan like has his face now.” Yes he does, and a cute face it is. Here are some other milestones for him:

  • His hair is getting thicker and longer, but not too curly except when it’s wet. It’s a lot like Scott’s was when he was a baby.
  • Ryan can roll over from front to back and back to front.
  • He can push himself up on his arms a little, and kind of scoot in a circle.
  • He is happy to just nurse still, no baby food yet, and insists on eating many times during the night  as well. It’s making for all his cute chub, but also a tired mom.
  • He isn’t sleeping in his own bed yet, still ours most of the night.
  • He likes his Exersaucer, but not his Bumbo. He just squirms too much and tries to get out of it.
  • He is wearing some 6 months clothes already.
  • No talking or babbling yet, just lots of smiles for us.

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Lisa said...

These photos are gorgeous. Love them. He's a cutie.