{ Frozen Moments }

Scott and Ryan made cute little Easter bunny’s at preschool today. On the way home Scott asked if I had some glue at home because he wanted to glue something on his rabbit. When we got home he showed me how he wanted me to glue the pink sticks that used to be ears on the rabbit. I thought that was cute to give the rabbit arms and commented on it to him. He said, “It’s not arms for the rabbit, I am making Olaf!” The funny thing is that it looks a lot like him. Yep, we have the Frozen fever around this place too. Frozen songs lyrics have been typed up and distributed by Brooke to whomever wants them, the soundtrack and movie has been bought in iTunes, and we have it playing every chance we can get. Disney sure is making their money from this family. I just love when good movies come out, and this one is fast becoming a family favorite.

Scott with bunny snowman blog-1Scott with bunny snowman blog-2Scott with bunny snowman blog-3

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