{ Little Rituals-Naptime }

It’s funny how we remember things from our childhood. I have this one memory of when I was about four or five and I was upstairs at our 32nd street house. My oldest brother was having a birthday party outside and I was suppose to be taking a nap in my moms room. I remember laying there not sleeping, but instead using my fingers to trace around all the intricate little details on her wooden headboard. It had swirls and carvings that I ran my tiny little fingers through again and again just waiting for sleep to come. But how could one sleep with all the fun and excitement happening outside? I finally couldn’t take it anymore and snuck to peak out the window to see all the festivities outside. They were having a water party and throwing water balloons at each other. I ran from one window to the next in my mom’s room, then switched to the hall bathroom window so I could see more of the games. My memory ends there. I am not sure if naptime was officially over and I was allowed to come downstairs or if I finally fell asleep. What I do know is that that was a time before I fully appreciated what a gift naptime is.

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Naptime at our house is a gift, and one that I receive and give out freely. Anyone that knows me know how I protect my naptime. I won’t schedule appointments or outings during that time. I don’t answer the phone or the door. I just cuddle up with all my little people who aren’t in school and we nap. It’s a little ritual that I depend on physically (I think I am just one that needs lots of sleep) and one that as a mother I treasure deeply. Our naptime almost always is in our bed-which the kids think it such a privilege since it’s so “fluffy and cozy” according to Ryan. We have lunch then I say to Ryan, “What time is it?” and he sings back, “The best time of the day!” Naptime. We read a story of their choosing and then we enjoy a peaceful nap until the girls come in the door from school.

Sometimes we sleep long, sometimes we sleep short. And sometimes I even get woke up from the phone ringing or the dog barking. When I do, I look over and see my little boys sleeping so soundly and peaceful. All the messes and rowdiness of the day melt away, and I just sit and watch them for awhile. Their long eyelashes flutter and I silently wish that these little naptimes wouldn’t have to end when they grow up and off they go to school. I wish I could hold them close a little longer, and cuddle them a little more…even if it’s just at naptime.

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Danielle Stewart said...

Wow! What a great picture. It is definitely one that will be treasured forever!