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I took some Senior pictures for a friend’s son, and I had Austin come along to be my “assistant”. He keeps mentioning that I should takes some pictures of him. He has gone from being a little camera shy-maybe not “shy” just too busy moving around to sit still for me to take pictures, to wanting to make sure he makes his mark in our family journal.

He is much taller than me now, has taken to caring about what he wears, loves to have that beautiful hair of his just perfect, and completely unrelatedly- still loves soccer. I need to be better about whipping out my camera during his games and when he is tooling around in the back yard doing all of his soccer tricks.

Austin Blackand white blog-1

Austin Blackand white blog-2

Austin Blackand white blog-3

This one is my favorite. I’m a little partial to that dimple though.

Austin Blackand white blog-4

He let his hair grow out a little now and has started brushing it straight back instead of spiking it up. It has this cute wave to it, that reminds me so much of my dad’s hair. My dad would always brush his hair straight back too. I couldn’t’ get it out of my mind, and then I remembered some pictures of my Grandpa Austin-my dad’s dad. I couldn’t believe the similarities. My dad likes to joke with Austin that if he lived at his house he would be called Austin Austin. Well, Austin Austin it is. I am sure my Grandpa is smiling down from heaven, happy to see this handsome boy carrying on his name.

 Grandpa Udyne Shockley Austin with sister JeanGrandpa Udyne Shockley Austin teenager Grandpa Udyne Shockley Austin courtshipGrandpa Udyne Shockley Austin courtship with shirley

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Lisa said...

I love these pictures of him. Handsome!! And so great to have those old pictures in there of his ancestors. Love it.