{ Fall Is Here }

I have been trying to hold onto summer for as long as I can here. Most years I am happy to see fall roll in-the cool air, the changing of the seasons, reasons for hot chocolate, and all the holiday fun. But this year I just couldn’t give up summer. I don’t know what it was, but I just kept wanting to wake up to my warm days and carefree attitude that summer brings, even though in all reality we had given that up months ago when school started.

Today Ryan brought me in the most beautiful leaf that he had found in the back yard. I finally decided that fall was here-like it or not, and that I better get with the program. I love that his first response after showing it to me was to have me take a picture of him with it. I love those little sparkling eyes of his, they kind of make me love that leaf all the more.

Ryan with his new leaf blog-1

Ryan with his new leaf blog-2

Ryan with his new leaf blog-3

Ryan with his new leaf blog-4

Ryan with his new leaf blog-5

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